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Drivers stepping motors In Botland you will find easy to use, stable and accurate drivers for use of stepper motors in CNC devices (including 3D printers and plotters), small projects in the field of automation, robotics, keyboards, measurement devices and projects, scientific and... toys. Drivers allow you to control the direction and speed of rotation of the motor, and the resolution (size mikrokroku). The site also has exact details on how to connect the motors leads. Control stepper motor through it becomes very easy. Welcome to the shop!


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How to choose a driver for stepper motor

Selected the store Botland drivers stepper motors allow precise control of one or more engines leading, bi - or unipolarnych, using signals from any system generating a logical condition, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STM32Discovery, or microcontrollers. Some models allow you to connect DC motors, stepper motors and serwomechanizmy and sensors, LCD display, card reader for memory card or Bluetooth, allowing you to create more complex projects.

The standard system consists of a controller, which receives pulse signals of the system form a logical condition and converts them into a signal is applied to the motor windings.

Himself stepping motor converts the electric pulse signal from the driver to the sequence of movements. The direction of rotation is determined by the type of the delivered pulses, the speed of rotation depends on the pulse frequency and the number mikrokroków from the number of pulses.

How to choose a driver for stepper motor current

Engine traffic stems from the interaction between the permanent magnet of the stator and an alternating magnetic field, which, in turn, is directly proportional to the intensity of the current flowing in the winding. Therefore, choosing the driver, should first consider the current flow through the coil.

The driver must have an output power with a current corresponding to the rated power of the engine. This value must not vary by more than ± 5% of the value of the motor current.

In many available in the store Botland drivers have the ability to limit the maximum load current stepper motor with a potentiometer located on the Board.

It should also be borne in mind that stepper motors are working all the time, and most of the electricity consumed in the phase of maintenance provision, which in turn makes sure the engine is warm. So you may need a matching radiator which prevents damage to the controller and motor.

How to choose a stepper motor driver voltage

Picking up the driver from the specified voltage range should be taken into account, mainly, the torque (power) of the engine, which depends on the slew rate of the pulse (ie voltage) and durability napięciową driver on the generated engine power elektromotoryczną.

High voltage driver provides a fast buildup of current in the coils. Higher voltage means greater dynamics of the engine, and reducing stress leads to a deterioration in the dynamics and speed of rotation of the engine.

In turn, the dielectric strength of a driver on the generated engine power elektromotoryczną (SEM) is critical for trouble-free operation of the system. Fortunately, engine manufacturers give the resulting EMF value in relation to the speed of rotation, which greatly facilitates the selection of a suitable driver.

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