Presented littlebits

Until recently, the study of electronics meant experimenting with contact plates, the need laying of cables and individual system planning elements. For beginners it is not this, however, is easy. Today modern technology enthusiasts can use from a wide range of robots for educational, but also well-prepared kits such as littlebits introduced. Let it not distract You with bright colors: this solution is intended equally for children and for teenagers, and even adults.

The study in nature (i.e. without wires)

The study of electronics with the littlebits kits presented allows you to go straight to the point, that is, connections of individual modules (called "bits") that performs certain functionality. A bit like the rules have been known for robots for kids, with the difference that introduced the littlebits effect-this is not a mobile device, and electronics, performing a specific function. This idea is fine, however, the nature of the work of modern electronics, whose job is often not in the design of the entire system from scratch but to skilled use of available components and tools, which then connects and applies individual concepts. The bits that make up the sets introduced littlebits, of course, much easier. A combination of are built into the side modules of the magnets, so that it is sufficient to refer to two modules to work together. No need to lead wires, to design and wytrawiać tiles, nor even acquainted with the tracks in the tile prototypes. Combined bits come into contact immediately.

Impressive abilities in small cups

A key element introduced is a tile littlebits Mounting Boards. Among the bits included in the kits, and we find bit compatible with Arduino-inspired prototypowaniu cooperating with the Arduino bit module MakeyMakey to replace any object in the controller or a set of touch-enabled control. Interesting idea are the bits created with the idea of integrating with the Internet in the IoT, as with many popular social networks. And the sets introduced the littlebits for learning programming can successfully compete with the robots on the market from the viewpoint of attractiveness to users. To emphasise, however, that the developers introduced the littlebits have taken care to build their own modules, in fact, that for children it is real and imminent – for example, the set for touch it's ridiculous to connect to the alarm system that protects the personal belongings of the small inventor.

State of the art kits for schools

The developers introduced the littlebits are very serious about its educational mission. The best proof of this is the creation of educational kits for schools. And it's not one bag of parts, but, for example, a complete package with sets, can run on 30 students at a time. The largest of the sets for school – Pro Library in/ Storage – contains an impressive collection of more than 300 bits and more than 220 accessories, providing the events for a large group of participants.