Niezbędnik wakacyjny

We invite you to take advantage of the offer shares: Basis for holiday makers - 30% discount. All products from the category Framework for holidaymakers.


  • Na podróż

    Holiday memories are usually recorded using digital photographs. Remember that the backup media. For this purpose, can be used memory, USB and hard drives from our range.

  • Na wycieczkę

    On hot days, of course, helpful will all sorts of windmills and fans. Now available at a discounted, holiday low prices!

  • Do samochodu

    During a summer trip you should remember about accessories, connector to the car lighter. Useful as video camera, portable battery charger with engine start by phone and, of course, the breathalyzer :)

  • Dodatkowa energia - PowerBank

    PowerBank is currently a thing in the road. Will charge a phone or GPS navigation when there is not enough current in the network.

  • Podstawowa energia - akumulatory i baterie

    You should always have a extra set of batteries or batteries for the camera.

  • Muzyka

    Headphones and mobile speakers Bluetooth will come in handy during a morning jog or an evening barbecue on the site.

  • Akcesoria do telefonów

    What kind of campers check-out without a good selfie? In their implementation, will help the sticks selfistick and stabilizing handle, the so-called gimbale.

  • Drony

    The remote-controlled machine, which in addition to fun can also deliver a lot of interesting videos and pictures with the views from the height of bird flight.

  • Bluetooth / GPS locators

    NotiOne Play series products, available at a special promotional price of -30% after entering the PROMONOTIONE code in the basket.

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