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A power supply is a thing that accompanies us every day when using various other devices. Its importance is often underestimated. Example? A desktop computer, even with great components, can run slowly if the power supply is chosen inappropriately. The power of the socket adapter is one of the most important parameters. This regularity goes well beyond the subject of computers, as power supplies are also commonly used for various DIY electronic projects.


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Products by page

Products by page

We know very well that choosing an AC adapter is quite a complicated task. Certainly, in order to choose the best design, there are many products to be familiarized with. You also need to know the technical requirements for the type of terminals, voltage and charging current of such a power supply.

For the above reasons, we have placed a filter on the Botland store website that allows you to conveniently narrow down the search criteria and facilitate the purchase process. What is more, the products offered here are safe and reliable, meet the requirements of EU standards, do not break down quickly and - if properly selected - will not damage the powered device. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the products available in this category. Choose the best power supply for your project now.

How to choose power supplies? The most important parameters

Each electrical and electronic device requires an appropriate power supply. You cannot use any power supply for a computer or electronic project, because this may lead to dangerous consequences (in extreme situations, even burning of individual parts). Therefore, you should select an AC adapter based on the following important technical parameters:

  • the power supply must have a suitable terminal allowing to connect the device to a given component,
  • the device should supply current and output voltage with the values specified by the manufacturer of the device or component,
  • a good power supply must stabilize the voltage and output current values with sufficient accuracy,
  • such a device must also isolate the output signals from the mains voltage due to the possibility of sudden voltage spikes in the mains and noise.

After all, an AC adapter is a device that, above all, must be safe. Therefore, it should provide safety and protection against electric shock. So let's check the manufacturer's information on security, certificates and standards.

What are the types of AC adapters? 

In the Botland electronics store you will find many types of AC adapters. The most popular types of these devices include: linear power supplies, switching power supplies, induction chargers, charging strips (USB), travel power supplies with interchangeable plugs that fit into the wall sockets used in the USA, EU, UK and AU, adapters with car lighter sockets and voltage stabilizers and chargers for gel batteries.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the power supplies are equipped with DC plugs (of various sizes and with different current and output voltage values), USB sockets (USB 3.0 A, USB 2.0 A type), USB A or C type outputs (microUSB), cables with removed insulation for powering electronic components and systems, crocodile clips. What is more, the Botland store also offers multi-range power supplies with adjustable output voltage in the range from 3 V to 12 V, constant output current, equipped with replaceable DC tips.

On this page you will also find specialized power adapters dedicated to various models of Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Pine 64, Sparky and Odroid minicomputers as well as Apple devices. Thanks to such products, creating your own electronic designs that require AC adapters will be completely safe.

We know that the most important thing is safety 

When preparing the offer of AC adapters in the Botland store, we tried to ensure the safety of users and devices. Therefore, the power supplies (AC adapters) we offer meet the highest requirements of the standards being in force in the European Union. The most important of them are:

- the standard is PN-EN 60950: 2002: equipment safety

- PN-EN 61000-3-2 standard: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

- emission standard for residential, commercial and light industrial environments

- the PN-EN 50561 standard, which defines the permissible levels and methods for measuring radioelectric disturbances

- PN-EN 50082-1, PN EN 61000-4-2 standards defining resistance to electrostatic discharge

- low voltage standard (LVD).

When buying in the Botland store, you choose only 100% safe and certified devices.