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The choice of power supply is a fairly complex task that requires consideration of many products, knowledge of types of tips, the voltage and the charging current. So the store Botland is a filter that allows you to narrow the search and facilitates the buying process. In addition, the products, safe and reliable, meet the requirements of the standards applicable in the EU, not subject to rapid damage and, if chosen properly, will not damage the powered device. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the available products in this category.


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Products by page

Products by page

Power supply units: functions, types and safety

Every device of electric and electronic devices requires proper nutrition, which should be characterized by the following parameters:

- have the appropriate nozzle for connecting the device

- to serve current and output voltage values determined by the device manufacturer or item

- to stabilize output voltage and current with sufficient accuracy,

- to isolate the output signals from the mains voltage because of the possibility of a sudden surge in network and noise

- to ensure safety and protection against electric shock.

The types of services that AC adapters

In our store you will find power supplies, linear, switching power supplies, battery chargers, induction cooking rings, straps, charger (USB), a travel power supply with changeable connectors, suitable connectors network used in the US, EU, UK and AU adaptors with connectors for the cigarette lighter and the voltage regulators and battery chargers for gel batteries.

The power supplies have the DC connectors (different sizes and different values of the current and output voltage), connectors USB 3.0, USB 2.0 a) output USB type A or C (micro usb), wire with removed insulation for power elements and electronic circuits, crocodile. Also available in multi-range power supplies with an output voltage adjustable in the range from 3 V to 12 V continuous output current, interchangeable tips, DC.

We also offer power supplies on various models of mini-computer Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, 64 Pine, Sparky and Odroid and Apple devices.


In preparing the proposal, AC adapters, we have tried to take care first and foremost about the safety of users and devices. Therefore, we offer power supply units dogniazdkowe meet the requirements of the standards applicable in the EU. The main ones are:

- the norm PN-EN 60950:2002: safety equipment

- the norm PN-EN 61000-3-2: electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) - electromagnetic radiation in the following environments: residential, commercial and slightly to Providence

- the norm PN-EN 50561 defining acceptable levels and measurement methods disorders radioelektrycznych

- norms PN-EN 50082-1, PN-EN 61000-4-2 that define the resistance to electrostatic discharge

- normal low-voltage (LVD)