Kits electronic components

Kits electronic components - In the beginning, and during, adventures with electronics and designing layouts for example, based on the platform of the Raspberry Pi or Arduino, you need to buy active and passive electronic components , as well as the tools to build circuits. Below you will find the basic ingredients needed when realizing simple and complex projects, as well as sets FORBOT used in the course of fundamentals of electronics, online. These electronic components is the basis of the beginnings of my adventure with electronics. We invite you to check our items!

Basic electronic components, without which it will not work any project

The most important equipment of any designer is primarily basic components such as contact plates, sets of wires, resistors, capacitors, buttons Tact Switch, LEDs, transistors and their setsbecause they will allow you to implement a new idea at any time, even in the middle of the night. Selected the store Botland with the thought of the designers of the kits contain most of the necessary electronic components, and in addition allow you to avoid having to buy each part separately.

Which set best suits my needs?

To make the decision about selecting the appropriate set of electronic components, you should ask yourself a question what will be used.

- If the elements of the set will be used for the project, you should pick up supplies for a project, mindful, reliable, by the way, the elements used in the process of testing and optimization and changes in the design.

- If the kits will be used by students, will be the best sets for projects based on Arduino mikrokomputerze. These include, in particular, fixation plate, the power supply to the contact plate, sets of wires, buttons Tact Switch, LEDs, transistors, capacitors, resistors, as well as a table to facilitate identification code of the resistors. Kits allow you to quickly understand a complex theory, and a plastic tool box order the set of elements that facilitates familiarization with the basic electronic components.

- If the kit will be useful for the novice designer should choose a set of simple configuration, low price, includes the basic elements needed to implement the first projects. We offer the kits contain all the necessary details. Even those that a novice designer can forget.

- If you are an experienced designer, well, himself (or herself) you will know what you are looking for. Just remember that the expectation of the missing elements can be quite difficult, so at the time of replenishment, it is good to consider contingencies.

And in case of any doubt, you can always ask questions to the store employees Botland.

Available sets

Botland offers its clients:

sets of resistors to diodes, resistors, electrolytic capacitors in the bags string, and also on magnetic tapes,

kits items, compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi containing plate contact, power supply units for tile pin, sets of wires, buttons Tact Switch, LEDs, transistors, potentiometers and straps goldpin capacitors and resistors, and tables that facilitate the identification of items, carefully Packed in plastic tool boxes,



This is a set of key elements used during the course basic electronics on-line booking on the website The set includes, in particular: resistors, capacitors, LEDs, transistors and many more items, gadgets and box (PLUS version).