Waveshare - educational robots

Everyone who ever had the opportunity to build their own mini robot from scratch, you probably remember the problems that will be faced in the self-Assembly mechanics – fundamentals, carrier or housing. A comparison of all the available components is rarely possible without additional repair procedures that not only complicates the self-Assembly, but also affects the accuracy of performance of individual parts. Mini-robots Waveshare in sets for presentation will allow You to do what interests You most – programming.


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Open design that triggers creativity

Thanks to the products Waveshare easily perform self-Assembly of the substrate movement and basic electronics, and you will be able to quickly start programming the controller. The robots of the Waveshare is characterized by a very simple design – the PCB, components-based electronics simultaneously perform the role of supporting plates on which is based the mechanical design. This solution allows to keep a very competitive price sets and, by the way, works well in practice – the design is quite rigid and thus easy to solve all the tasks that you set for your robot. Our store offers a wide range of robots Waveshare, but if you want to enhance the robot elements that are not in the original set, can easily find the necessary components in the other categories. Robots you can easily change and expand, which gives unlimited possibilities for experimentation, and a lot associated with fun.

Thinking robots? Why not!

Using robots Waveshare you can create a remote control vehicle that executes commands that you specify by using the supplied INFRARED remote control or a robot, automatically tracking line on a surface or to bypass obstacles in an unfamiliar area. For many applications it will be enough controllers based on Arduino Uno, but if you want to give your konstrukcjom the ability of independent thinking, effectively Zero minikomputer Raspberry Pi will be able to cope even with complex tasks. Moreover, if you have long dreamed of having his own robot mobile device with a camera capable of environmental studies and transfer the image of the mission you get the point, because we have several remote-controlled models Waveshare AlphaBot with the camera, ready to cooperate with the Raspberry Pi.

To realize his dream

The considerate design simplifies robots search setting. The camera is not rigidly attached to the base was equipped dwuosiową head, allowing it to rotate horizontally and vertically. During the camera motion correspond to the miniature servos, which makes the control arrangement is simple and does not require the use of additional sensors. Integration minikomputera Raspberry Pi with on-Board electronics allows the use of the image coming from the camera as a secondary (or even primary) source of information. Your mini-robots will not just another vehicle dźwigającymi on the "back" camera, but will be Autonomous units with the vision system, ready for programming complex tasks.