Educational toys

Who among us has not dreamed in childhood that some of our toys came alive, and she could accompany us during various experiments or Playground? Modern electronic educational toys for children are doing just that! And have additional huge advantage: in a friendly manner inclined to learn new skills and knowledge. Because of this, many products from the category Toys – especially the sets, design, recommended also for schools. They can be in interesting and original way to make the lessons of physics, technology, or extracurricular activities.


  • Hexbug toys Hexbug toys

    Hexbug - In this category we offer You robotic toys are known worldwide manufacturer Hexbug. This is a device that can be used not only for entertainment but also to fulfil an educational role . Robots learn the basic principles of mechanics - most of toy imitation of...

  • Interactive games Interactive games

    Board games that not only entertain but also teach, in particular, programming.

  • Sets design Sets design

    Sets design - best to learn in the game. Therefore, in the Botland store you will find many, very different toys, construction - for younger and older children and sometimes even their parents that are a great way to introduce you to the basics of engineering and robotics...


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Products by page

Electronic toys for young and old

As it happens, taken out of the box electronic toy literally comes to life in our hands and begins to move independently around the room? A great opportunity to sneak into this thread to have fun with minirobotami for children, created by Hexbug brand. These electronic miniatures, drawing inspiration from nature, mimicking very true, as a means of transportation, and the appearance of insects, arachnids and other arthropods. Bypass obstacles or bounce off them, and the selected models we can help you in finding the correct route, thanks to the included pilots. For children (and for schools) is a perfect introduction to the world of mechanical structures.

Something for those who want to do everything themselves

Educational toys for kids can be ready to work right out of the box, but they can also require a little more effort. In our store you will find sets of designs which before starting to collect. The stage of Assembly of electronic toys is a challenging task. The biggest advantage of the project for self-Assembly, is the fact that this stage is for children a source of knowledge about how to built this design. How much easier to imagine the mechanism or electronic equipment, if he knows what elements go into its composition. Sets design and quickly introduce young adepts of science, to the world of robotics and electronics, as well as basic questions of engineering. For school such educational toy may be the most valuable science – especially because some of them provide several possible design options. On the contrary, encouraged to after Assembly to disassemble them and to put it again, but in a slightly different project. Among the educational toys we also include models that easily explain, for example, the phenomenon of energy flow.

Mom, dad, wanna play with me?

The big advantage of educational toys in the form of games is the opportunity to participate in fun for the whole family. Importantly, these games are based on real products and not only in virtual reality – and therefore also promote the development of leadership skills, accuracy, spatial imagination and intuition support. Among the interesting sets for children are, in particular, Cubetto – learning programming without a computer and MAKERbuino that allows novice fishermen to modern technologies, self-construction of the electronic device is a portable gaming console.