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Who has never dreamed in the childhood time on a toys around us that are coming into alive just like that? Or on that they could accompany us during various experiments and games? Nowadays, the impossible becomes possible due to technological progress!


  • Hexbug toys Hexbug toys

    Hexbug - In this category we offer You robotic toys are known worldwide manufacturer Hexbug. This is a device that can be used not only for entertainment but also to fulfil an educational role . Robots learn the basic principles of mechanics - most of toy imitation of...

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    Board games that not only entertain but also teach, in particular, programming.

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    Sets design - best to learn in the game. Therefore, in the Botland store you will find many, very different toys, construction - for younger and older children and sometimes even their parents that are a great way to introduce you to the basics of engineering and robotics...



Products by page

Products by page

In this category we present robotic educational toys. Some of them are partly automated, others almost completely. Each of the products available here will be a perfect gift for children of all ages.

Modern, electronic educational toys for children not only allow for great fun. At the same time, they have an additional, very important advantages: they encourage to acquire new skills and knowledge in a friendly way. With the help of robots and educational toys, both small and larger users are able to learn the basics of automation and programmable electronics. The educational kits from which you can create your own robot or other intelligent electronic device have a particularly educational advantage in this respect! An undoubted advantage that is worth mentioning is that playing with consumer electronics allows you to be up to date with technological innovations. Unlike computers and TVs, we can take care of our eyes and work on the robot in the open air!

For this reason, we also recommend many educational toys - especially construction sets - for schools, scientific circles and even professional research institutions.

They can complement physics lessons, techniques or extracurricular activities in an interesting and original way. We invite you to familiarize yourself with products in this category!

Electronic toys for young and old – which ones to choose?

How does it happen that an out of the box electronic toy literally comes alive in our hands and begins to move around the room on its own? Some will say it's magic. Others will thoroughly explain the mechanism of robot action. Either way - everyone will be happy with the educational toys we present in this category. These are products that will provide satisfaction for adults and older people as well!

You can choose from lots of robotics educational toys. Fighting robots, robot-insects are a very popular choice. A great opportunity to explore programmable electronics is to play with mini robot robots created by the Hexbug brand. The creators of these electronic robots drew their inspiration from nature very faithfully imitating both the manner of movement and the appearance of insects, arachnids and other arthropods. Robots bypass obstacles or bounce off them. Some models are able to follow the user or 'patrol' designated routes. Doesn't that sound amazing? These are our robots!

Advantages of buying educational toys

The great advantage of educational toys in the form of games is the opportunity to involve the whole family in play. At a time when we spend more and more time on virtual entertainment (computer, game consoles, television), it is very important to find a way to play that is healthy. What's more, robotic kits (e.g. Cubetto, MAKERbuino) can be fun for the whole family. You don't have to play at home, you might as well take a set with you or a finished robot outside, to the garden or to the park.

Importantly, educational games are based on real accessories, not just virtual reality. As a result, they also promote the development of manual skills such as precision. They help in obtaining creative skills – spatial imagination and technical intuition.

Create your very own robot if you want to!

Educational toys for children can be ready to work right out of the box. Some are simpler, others more advanced and will require more work. In our store you will find construction kits that must be assembled before commissioning. The very assembly stage of the electronic toy is a fascinating challenge. You can learn a lot about how programmable electronics work. If you want, you can also create your own robot from scratch. To do this, check not only this category, but also the others. For example, by buying an Arduino board and additional modules, you'll be able to create exactly the robot you want to have. These are slightly more demanding tasks, so look for educational kits first!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with all products and place orders. If you want, please contact us. We are happy to help you choose the right educational set!