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Construction of robots is becoming simpler and simpler. The days when you had to laboriously combine motors and gears removed from printers or mechanical toys to build your own robot are gone definitively. Currently, there are a lot of components on the market created especially for enthusiasts of programmable electronics. Each of them performs specific functions and tasks, but the way you combine them and which ones you use depends entirely on you. As a result, today there is no major problem with creating a completely outstanding robot. You can create the machine you need.


  • Dobot Dobot

    Robotic arms have mechanical or vacuum grippers, welding heads, or lasers, which we connect in the first minute with semi-automatic plants cars skolonizowanymi using Autonomous vehicles, repeated with remarkable precision complex sequence of movements. The Association is...

  • The hands of robots The hands of robots

    The shoulder of the robot - Botland offers its customers a wide selection of the shoulders of robots for various applications. Here you will find both interesting devices for learning for children as high-tech products , thanks to which you will carry out a professional...

  • Pololu Zumo robot Pololu Zumo robot

    The company Pololu is currently one of the largest players in the market of Amateur robotics. Constantly expanding its offer to encompass robotyków at any level of complexity. One very interesting line of products is a series Pololu Zumo. Correct phonetic associations of a...

  • Pololu 3pi line follower Pololu 3pi line follower

    Mini-robots such as line follower – that is, tracking of the line drawn or pasted on a substrate, – are among the fans of robotics, mobile very popular for many years. If the programming of simple movement algorithm of the robot is quite basic knowledge in programming, then...

  • RedBot Kit RedBot Kit

    Design a mobile robot from scratch, should not be associated with a painstaking mechanical design, conversion and exchange of discs, as well as cutting and finishing of mechanical components. Maybe for it to be a great, instructive, fun and pure joy, if you choose the...

  • Robots balansujące Robots balansujące

    At first glance, the robots balansujące have little in common with biomechaniką person. However, it is only an appearance, because the basic principle of their movement alive just copied from our nature. During the move, they use so-called balance of a dynamically stable, that...

  • Robots, walking Robots, walking

    Probably every beginner dreams of senior marketing specialist at the start of his career on building your own walking robot. The inspiration received through the designers of these robots directly from nature – insects, mammals or reptiles – leads to the fact that the most...


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Products by page

Products by page

To meet the demand for robot accessories, we have created this category. Here you will find all necessary accessories for robots. The offer of ready-made assembly sets is very wide and every hobbyist, student or even a professional will find a ready platform. Installation is also not difficult today. However, by choosing individual components from the list below, you decide what functions your robot should have.

How to build an advanced robot for professional and amateur use?

In this category you will find a number of ready-made robots, robot parts and accessories related to robotics and programming. You can immediately go to specific subcategories such as Dobot, Robot arms, Polulu Zumo Robots, RedBot kits, Balancing robots and Walking robots.

We also encourage you to choose individual components that will be used to create your own machine from scratch. On the other hand, you can upgrade many finished products the way you want.

If you are looking for ready-made advanced robots, but also those that will not be very expensive, then you should think about the assembly kit. An excellent example is Dobot Magician (and related variants). This is a great set that gives you the opportunity to construct a robotic arm, which thanks to high technical parameters is no longer suitable for programming basic trajectories! By creating such a machine, you will master the science of the basics of kinematics and dynamics of robots. You will be able to use it for entertainment purposes or for fully functional applications.

The robot's construction is solid and stable enough to ensure positioning accuracy of 100 microns. These are values ​​that are often unattainable for simple sets that offer self-assembly.

Remote-controlled or autonomous robots? Depends on you

In Botland you will find advanced programmable robots, ready effectors, compatible accessory kits and many other robotics products. Mini-robots available in this category are perfect for building any type of machine. They will be a great basis for creating simple, remote-controlled toys, as well as professional, semi-automatic machines that facilitate precise tasks. By choosing a robot, you can also check highly advanced products that are based on artificial intelligence algorithms.

Building a robot with a ready-made assembly kit has numerous advantages. Machine construction teaches the basics of programmable electronics and automation. All components are compatible with each other, so you can be sure that you will not face any unpleasant surprises related to mismatched mounting holes or the dimensions of axles and gears. You can focus on what is most important to you - on the proper construction of the robot you dream of. Our store offers all the necessary electronic, mechanical and drive components, as well as the necessary tools and accessories. Create your DIY project now, which will be your own robot.

Ready-to-use robots and kits to build a robot from a scratch

Meet ready robots that can fight (sumo-robots), walk, sing and perform various other user commands. They are most often controlled by a mobile application installed on the smartphone. Despite the fact that they are ready robots, they will provide a lot of pleasure and usually have several dozen different functions.

On the other hand, you can also try your hand at creating robots yourself. The most popular and also the most accessible platform chosen by beginners is the Arduino platform. Raspberry is also popular. If we want to create a machine from scratch (but also a sound system, security system or other Internet of Things solutions), then Arduino or Raspberry will be the best choice.

Remote-controlled vehicles, autonomous line followers or minisumo robots, as well as other small constructions can be successfully controlled using even a small Arduino. By buying a set with the Arduino main board, based on the Arduino IDE system, you can later buy additional modules (Arduino Shields) that will equip the robot with additional functions (e.g. visibility, lights, temperatures).