Educational robots

Developmental robots - a Proposal for people who want to start learning robotics and programming, or to give such a robot of their own children. We offer robots, developing of various kinds. In the form of blocks for stacking, the modules connect with magnets, allowing you to skip the difficult wires and cables, the robots that are managed using applications or machine control and many others. We invite you to discover the amazing world of robotics on your own hand.


  • MakeBlock educational robots MakeBlock educational robots

    MakeBlock - Not from today we know that the best method of development of knowledge and skills, is learning through play . This approach works especially well in the case of modern technology, which, although they are based on physics, mathematics and some theoretical...

  • Waveshare - educational robots Waveshare - educational robots

    Everyone who ever had the opportunity to build their own mini robot from scratch, you probably remember the problems that will be faced in the self-Assembly mechanics – fundamentals, carrier or housing. A comparison of all the available components is rarely possible without...

  • Abilix krypton - educational robots Abilix krypton - educational robots

    Robots, educational, built of cubes, on a good has taken root already in children's rooms and classrooms. No wonder: they are based on a brilliantly simple idea that designers of this type of sets can be carefully adapted. For younger and older children, and even teenagers...

  • The miracle - robots, educational The miracle - robots, educational

    Programming is one of the most valued skills in the labor market. However, it is also a wonderful and very interesting game that might interest already kilkulatków. Ideal here sets the Dash and Dot – ie attractive robots the game is designed for children and is recommended for...

  • Ozobot - educational robots Ozobot - educational robots

    Ozobot - Robots, educational, designed for children are very popular toys. Ozobot allows programming by drawing . It is extremely attractive for children approach, students of programming and algorithmic thinking. In our store of the same robots (ozoboty), as well as...

  • Photon - robot educational Photon - robot educational

    How to encourage young people to learning programming languages and to familiarize them with the opportunities of new technologies? The creators of the Polish education the Photon, chose the best possible roads: fun. Also recognized that science should not hesitate, therefore...

  • JIMU - educational robots JIMU - educational robots

    One of the most important problems faced by developers of products for children and adolescents is the elimination of the constraints of the design. The design is interesting and creative, when not limit us to anything beyond their own ingenuity. Robots developing JIMU not...

  • Lego Mindstorms and WeDoo Lego Mindstorms and WeDoo

    These Danish brake no need to rearrange. Currently, high-tech version of Lego Mindstorms and Lego Wedoo in vain to trace its origin – the old sets of Lego Technic... Currently it is a modern, well conceived and developed educational robots for self-Assembly. Young receives...

  • Clementoni educational robots Clementoni educational robots

    Brand Clementoni existed for more than 55 years – at that time, her products became known in many countries of the world. Created by Italian manufacturer of educational toys is to provide children with comprehensive development, including to help in the training of logical...

  • Edison - educational robots Edison - educational robots

    The Edison educational robot was designed for children aged 4 to 16 years. Has 4 different modes of programming, depending on the level of training of users. Design compatible with Lego Technics.

  • Create a robot! Create a robot!

    Currently, robotics is becoming more common. We offer practical sets of tools and materials with which to build their own robot. In this category of the online store Botland you will find prepared plans and all the elements for the implementation of the current project. Thanks...

  • Presented littlebits Presented littlebits

    Until recently, the study of electronics meant experimenting with contact plates, the need laying of cables and individual system planning elements. For beginners it is not this, however, is easy. Today modern technology enthusiasts can use from a wide range of robots for...

  • RoboRobo RoboRobo

    Interests engineering, mechanical and technology many people developed very early. So when it comes to the moment in which the very structures out of blocks stop a young person interested in, the time comes to robots and educational kits for their production. Perfect goods...

  • WowWee WowWee

    Children and young people are experienced users of virtual reality. Smartphones and tablets for many young people is commonplace, and therefore create toys that will satisfy them, it has become a really big problem. The gloves took the brand WowWee is the manufacturer of a...

  • Microduino - educational robots Microduino - educational robots

    Microduino is a system that allows the user to view electronic projects robot educational specialized modules. System Microduino is an extension to the Arduino platform and is fully compatible with the Arduino development environment IDE. The purpose and main goal of the...

  • DJI educational robots DJI educational robots

    The flagship products of the company DJI is a complete robot, which provides an understanding of the practical elements of mathematics, physics and programming in an accessible form, and also have a positive impact on konstruktorską the creativity of both Amateur and...

  • Robobloq educational robots Robobloq educational robots

    Robots developing Robobloq intended for children, starting from the third year of life. They allow the young to learn and explore the world of fun. Products brand Robobloq implement the educational concept of STEAM, which is one of the most innovative trends in education.

  • Sets design TotemMaker Sets design TotemMaker

    Sets TotemMaker allow you to create various building systems, such as robots, housings, frames and DIY projects.

  • Ohbot - roboty edukacyjne Ohbot - roboty edukacyjne


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Products by page

Products by page

Robot education - the Changing world and society

Rapid technological development brings many benefits but also many dangers. The vast majority of societies in the world aging - the number of older people prevails over these soon to be Junior or outweigh. Consequently, older people do not always keep up with the changing world and new technologies. One way to counter this is the stuff of preschool education in primary schools. Introduction at this early stage in programming and robotics may allow for education of the population, which will cope in the modern world of technology. Educational robots are a great idea in the study of mechatronics - we invite you to familiarize with our offer.

The rich world of robotics

Robots that develop in our store Botland can be processed even kilkulatków. Especially for the younger ones, teaching them that the world of robotics as it is easy to program and to think algorithmically generated tone. Special mobile apps facilitate the training process, easy to use and develop a child's imagination. We also robots, developing in the form of Lego bricks for self-folding. Cooperative play with the child, allowing him easier to acquire knowledge and contributes to the development of his fine motor skills, and, therefore, easier to cope in adulthood. Robot education can be a wonderful gift for your child or group of children.

Robotics for the little ones

It was established through laboratory studies, that age is one of the most important criteria that affect the ability to learn, i.e., learning and experience. According to scientists, the most intensively prepared for approx. 6 years. In our store we offer robots, educational games, which can be used already for the little ones. Our robots are designed for beginners and slightly more experienced young artists. Robot education may be accompanied by zabawom child is already in preschool age. We invite you to browse our extensive range of products.