Educational robots

Educational robot kits enable gaining knowledge in technical fields such as mechatronics, robotics, and programming. Thanks to the IT classes that were introduced to schools over a dozen years ago, today's youth can easily take advantage of the possibilities offered by computers. Nowadays, classes that make use of educational robots get more and more popular. Moreover, they aim at preparing children and teens for the construction, programming and robotics that are undoubtedly very prospective fields.



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Products by page

Products by page

Robot kits for home and school usage

When children watch movies with humanoid robots, they are fascinated by the technology and the possibilities the machines offer. And then suddenly, the amazing opportunity to recreate constructions previously seen only in children’s favorite productions emerges. However, by showing all the programming, codes, signs, numbers and sections to kids, we will probably discourage them from further education because the information may turn out to be too overwhelming. The task of educational robots is to teach to construct and program in a friendly way. Programming with the help of drawings or mobile applications that will show the youngest designers the right way is an excellent example. Robots don't have to be complex in order to be fascinating, therefore educational robots made of building blocks and based on simple patterns will be a great way to develop and have fun at the same time.

Educational robots for children and parents

Combining education with fun and free time activities is a wonderful thing that creates unique family relationships. Educational robots are a great idea that enables both kids and their parents to learn a lot about robotics and automatics, which you will certainly benefit from in the future. Are you wondering whether you are ahve sufficient knowledge about programming and construction? There is no need to worry! In our offer you can find products that are suitable for both beginners and for more advanced users.

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