A drill and screwdriver

The drill is the most widely used, the main elektronarzędziem, without which it is difficult to imagine not only a professional workshop, production workshop or carpentry workshop, but even ordinary household. In every home from time to time there is a need to hang shelves, paintings or installation of additional cable – not to mention the repairs, or even a small renovation. In this category you will find a wide selection of drills and screwdrivers: as network and storage devices medium and high power, as the exact miniwiertarki with accessories needed in the Amateur workshop, laboratory products or professional prototypowni.



Drill, chosen in accordance with the needs

Not every drill is suitable for your application. Four main problems – the power of the engine, the number of available transmission or the range of smooth adjustment of speed as well as the diameter and type of drill Chuck, and the availability of drilling and percussion. To date, the most versatile are cordless drill driver. Not only do they give great freedom of manipulation (without supplying AC power to work), but also offer a wide range of adjustment of frequency of rotation that allows both drilling holes in various materials, like for wrapping (or twisting) of screws or bolts, even with a very large torque. The functions of the strike is needed for heavier work in concrete and other types of walls (e.g. brick). High power of 1 kW or more is attainable only for drills network, but give it the ability to run large diameter holes, as in metals and concrete or masonry.

Miniwiertarki – precision, combined with versatility

A special group of the discussed tools are miniwiertarki – their power is relatively small for the proposed range of speeds allows to work even with najcieńszymi drills or cutters. If necessary, drill holes in printed circuit boards or thin treatment (polishing, sanding or cutting small parts from plastic, wood or non-ferrous metals, the presence of miniwiertarki in the Studio, is absolutely necessary. Available in our offer miniwiertarki sold together with a rich set of equipment (working tools), and some models also have a flexible shaft, which allows convenient operation without the need to keep the whole tool in the hand. This solution is particularly valuable because of the much slower hand fatigue during operation, which directly affects the accuracy of the manipulation.

Drills and miniwiertarki the store Botland

In this category you will find a wide selection miniwiertarek from simple, powered from an external power supply with voltage of 12 VDC (model Velleman VTHD01), using a kit with basic equipment (VTHD04) up to sets containing a few hundred work tools (e.g., MAR-POL 160 W with a set of up to 300 accessories). You will find here also a comfortable and versatile drill driver with battery (for example, Yato YT-82782 whether Sthor 78974, the latter with the possibility of percussion drilling), as well as durable, sturdy, with drill adapter Yato YT-82044 capacity of up to 1050 watts