Grinding machines

Grinding machine is one of the key instruments used in all fields of technology. Depending on the capacity and type and size used with the grinder attachments, you can perform a very wide range of work available with other types of instruments. In this category you will find a large, firm sanding machines for heavy work in metals and other materials, as well as miniature, precision miniszlifierki for delicate work in modeling, robotics, or Amateur rękodziele.



Angular grinding machine – high capacity and unmatched ease of operation

Grinding machine angular won in recent years huge popularity. On the market you can find a lot of this type of instruments that differ mainly in the capacity and the quality and size of the dial. Of course, often there are grinding machines that work with discs with a diameter of 125 mm, optimal for most work, except for this format, and you can meet the other two: 115 mm and 230 mm (the latter is suitable for large metal profiles). Quick and easy replacement of the saw blade allows you to use one grinding machines for a wide range of tasks, from polishing, by sanding until until after cutting. Basically all meet at the market grinding the corner odkręcany equipped with a side handle, allowing a symmetrical capture tool that perfectly stabilises the grinding machine and allows accurate manipulation. In our offer you will find the ideal machine corner Yato YT-82094 capacity of 850 In designed for use with discs with a diameter of 125 mm.

Miniszlifierki and application workshop electronics-robotics

Miniszlifierki cover an even wider range of applications, although on a much smaller scale. Considering mainly small capacity engines used in these tools, it is possible to perform work using working tools of small diameter and only in materials with relatively low rigidity. Better miniszlifierki excellent job not only with the processing of wood and all kinds of plastics, but also thin aluminum profiles. And it is quite sufficient for the production of RC models or Amateur robotics. The natural field of application miniszlifierek well as the creation of printed circuit boards – nothing fits better to drill holes with diameters from fractions of a millimetre to (mostly) of 3.2 mm or 4 mm, what miniszlifierka.

Versatility above all

The functionality of the tool – in this case, primarily grinding and miniszlifierek – define the used tips. In the case of angle grinders are often used various kinds of cutting wheels and grinding wheels or grinding wheel. It is worth remembering that for each material intended for other types of disks. For example, cutting and sanding should be performed using the popular grinding of plastics with diamond discs, and tree – disk, toothed. For miniszlifierek designed various nozzles in a rotating grinding stones (disc, conical, etc.), abrasive belts, miniature cut-off wheels (abrasive, so-called "gumówek" and metal) or filców polishing. Available in our offer miniszlifierki sell with the kits liczącymi a few dozen pieces of instruments of various types and sizes.