Tablet computer tabletowy is a type of portable computer, as a rule, mobile control, which is equipped with a touch display and battery in a single, slim housing. Tablets, while computers offer capabilities similar to a PC. They lack only some of the possibilities of entry and exit. Modern tablets are much like modern smartphones, and the only difference lies in the fact that the tablets from phones more. Have screen sizes ranging from 7 inches. Unfortunately, not all tablets are equipped with modems connecting to cellular networks.

Modern tablets are more compact than computers

Tablets fill a niche in the sector of computer devices. They are more from smartonów and smaller than laptops or netbooks. The set of features that combine both types of devices. Have touch screens, and often modems to connect to the mobile network, like smartphones. On the other hand, its size and computing power more like a laptop. Some tablets support connecting an external mouse and keyboard (e.g., Bluetooth), combined with the ability to run office applications makes the device a full competitor PC.

A modern processor with ARM core

Through the use of powerful processors and SoC-based cores with ARM architecture, modern tablet computers offer high performance. Modern mobile devices are often equipped with multi-core chips clocked at around 2 GHz. These systems, complemented by even a couple of gigabytes of RAM provide performance that is comparable to PC. Because of this, the tablet can be used for the same type work as a regular laptop, especially when using less demanding applications, such as office suites, instant messaging or the browser for media.

A wide selection of operating systems and applications

Tablets work just like a computer, so “under supervision” of the operating system. In the case of these devices, the most popular system is Android. In the second place listed, created by Apple for its iOS devices, and on the third Windows. The first two operating systems, Android and iOS are typical operating systems for mobile devices. Windows available in tablets, increasingly, in turn, reminds one PC. Thanks to the wide support on all platforms for software vendors, you can find a program on any operating system.