Phone accessories

Mobile devices accompany us every day. It was comfortable and ergonomic, we have ensured that the market was accessible to a wide range of accessories for phones and tablets. Through their use you can not only use the device in a convenient way, but also to protect it in case of a fall, or to add new features such as thermal vision, due to be available in our store the IR camera-FLIR.

Products by page

Products by page

A wide selection of essential accessories for Your device

The store Botland has a great variety of accessories for phones and other mobile devices. The choice of these add-ins, extending from cables for charging and transferring data and / or different chargers after stick, selfie sticki and 3D glasses. The store is available in different chargers: classic, wall, and layouts on regular batteries. Thanks to them, charge your smartphone anywhere. Enough to buy at the store ordinary batteries fingers.

3D glasses

Available in our catalogue 3D glasses are a special attachment for your phone. After closing it the device built-in lenses are two images from the display. This kind of mobile phone accessories allow, in conjunction with the it applications, or specially recorded films, available online, provide you with stereoscopic images. Through the use of a smartphone this kind of 3D glasses are significantly cheaper than competing solutions with integrated screens.

Cables for phones and tablets

Cables allow you to charge our mobile devices and connect them to the computer to transfer files. Thanks to the standardization of ports in mobile phones and tablet devices, almost every device has a corresponding port. On the market there are two main, USB, and Lightning, of which the first is more popular, and the second is limited only to the ecosystem of Apple devices. Selecting accessories for your phone, be sure to note which port is equipped with our apparatus to pick up a compatible cable. Among the devices with USB port, also there are some differences. Old models of mobile phones and tablets come with a microUSB port, and later designs, especially those with higher shelves have the USB type-C.

Brackets for mounting the device in any place

Often we want to install our device in any particular place to be able to use it without having to hold it in your hand. A typical example of this situation is the car. Often the phone or tablet used as GPS Navigator in the car. The driver can not keep him in the hand. Among the accessories for phones in Botland store, you will find a special pen that allows installation of device in car. A different type of phone holder for selfie sticki. In a large simplification of the attachment on an arrow that is created for shooting (especially self-portraits, that is a selfie) with the further distance and with the prospect in the future, taking into account margins to the vanishing point. A special variety of this kinds of handles are gimballe, i.e. holders for phone with built-in stabilization device.

Thermal cameras for smartphones

Unique device in our product range are manufactured by FLIR infrared cameras used to visualize temperature. These accessories connect to the phone via USB or Lightning after the installation of special apps allow you to perform thermal images. It is a unique feature that allows you to significantly extend the capabilities of any smartphone. The possibility of using such a device for professionals, for example, for energy audits of houses and the definition of heating elements in electronic devices, makes it easy to justify the price of this device.