Capacitors for motors

Capacitors for motors - In this category we offer capacitors for motors high quality, suitable for different application. Used in such devices as hair dryer, washing machine, refrigerator, drill or lawnmower. Find application in drives, pumps, compressors of refrigerators and fans. We have a selection of capacitors with different capacity values, and wherein the dimensions and insights (cable or wire).


RLC - Tolerance
RLC - Resistance
RLC - Capacity

Capacitors for motors

Capacitors for motors are used in many devices of daily use - in particular, in fans, compressors, refrigerators, mowers and many other devices that use asynchronous motors. Through the use of this capacitor in place of auxiliary winding receives the shift of the current relative to the main winding. Thus, a rotating field in the air gap of the motor, which is required to create the torque in the engine.

The use of capacitors for motors

Capacitors for motors used in electrical motors fed by current, where the current is variable, and the frequency is 50/60 Hz. Such components have a very high level of stability capacitive, have a high insulation resistance and a special case made of a material resistant to high temperatures (the material is hard inflammation). The capacitor of the motor belong to the group of electronic components are passive (because it does not produce current). Like any other capacitor consists of two plates (electrodes) and dielectric material between them (metal polypropylene film). The face is often molded with resin in order to more accurately isolate the interior of the condenser. Using any capacitor that has polarity, remember the connection is right, otherwise you may damage the entire device.

What do we offer?

Our store offers capacitors for asynchronous motors AC 450 V AC 50/60 Hz capacity 1 µf, 2 µf, 3 µf, 5 µf, 8 µf, 10 µf, 16 µf, 25 µf, 50 µf 80 µf and 100 µf. Depending on the specific model, the capacitors have a diameter of 26 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm or 55 mm and different lengths. Components have developed conclusions in the form of wires or connectors in which fastening is performed using screws M8. The advantage of our products is high quality and very attractive price.