Robotic arms have mechanical or vacuum grippers, welding heads, or lasers, which we connect in the first minute with semi-automatic plants cars skolonizowanymi using Autonomous vehicles, repeated with remarkable precision complex sequence of movements. The Association is understandable, but misleading – because less work is extremely useful and in other cases – for example, precise mechanics, and also for supplying or quality control of small parts on production line.


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Management flexibility

In our offer you will find robots Dobot, are perfectly suitable for making various types of precision work. The robots of the Dobot is the promotion of the product line, offering the same excellent performance that can successfully replace humans in accurate, repeatable work. For programming or set of movements, you can use your mobile device USB connection (the manufacturer provides APIs for different programming languages) or joystick. Robots Dobot can learn movements set by the operator by manually moving the bracket, also can work as car with remote control via the Internet. It is important that the robot is ready to work right out of the box, so you don't need to spend time on self-installation.

A number of effector ready to use

Each robot can as much as its effectors. Robots Dobot, depending on the selected set, are available with essential accessories or a full set of working tools. Tip suction and gripper suitable for handling different sized items – perfect for the task of sorting small parts or positioning them for further processing. Also suitable to feed big teams from manufactured elements. The tip of the laser engravings, and a painting set will be useful in the testing of specified trajectories or identify specific elements. The robot design also allows you to use it for 3D printing more simple parts – it uses a special head that are set in both versions of the kit.

Even more possibilities

Series of them Dobot waited for additional accessories, allowing You to significantly extend the functionality. Our store offers, for example, sets of Conveyor Belt Kit transforms the mini robots in Dobot model of the plant in which the shoulder works with taśmociągiem, realizing the problem of transport sorting. Slider Rail Kit allows you to get an additional degree of freedom – you can move the robot on the axis length of 1 meter, which greatly expands on the basic working range of the boom. The most advanced set of Robot Vision Kit – Dobot gives robots the ability to see objects, distinguish between them and react. The set includes a camera with 3 MPx CMOS sensor that allows automatic or manual control of the exposure in the range from 50 gb to more than 3 seconds. The camera communicates via USB 2.0 interface. Included is also illuminated with 48 white LEDs with a total power up to 5 watts. Vision Robot Kit great for programming, even for complex systems with a feedback video.