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Ozobot - Robots, educational, designed for children are very popular toys. Ozobot allows programming by drawing. It is extremely attractive for children approach, students of programming and algorithmic thinking. In our store of the same robots (ozoboty), as well as accessories to them - their price is very attractive.


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Products by page

Products by page

Ozobot - education through play

The range is available in this category is our offer for schools that want to make in your program of teaching the elements of programming and algorytmiki. Robot education is the easiest method to learn programming with fun and entertainment. Simple drawing algorithms, implemented through the robot, so the children can observe the behavior of your program in the real world. Ozobot will move and respond to external stimuli, as described in the algorithm in a way that allows children to immediately see how their code affects the robot's behavior.

Ozoboty - Learning programming for the little ones

Ecosystem Ozobot is the perfect tool for kids to learn programming, whether at home or at school. Available in our store, educational robots can be programmed by drawing a simple programming language, in which this control can handle even the children. The accessories offered in our store, allow you to further expand the capabilities of robot Ozobot, to create a channel for them or encode them using a special Mat and markings. Due to this, it is possible to build several different programs.

Numerous educational kits with accessories

Ozobot is sold in our store individually and in sets of two or even six pieces, is ideal, for example, for schools or other organizations carrying out such activities for children. Thus, you can get very favorable price for the purchase of this type of educational platform. This makes it possible to equip the robot Ozobot, for example, the entire gym computer.

In addition to the robots themselves, is also available accessory sets for learning programming. This, among other things, mats for encoding, special markersthat allow you to build routes or puzzles designed for enhanced learning programming Ozobot. Special markers, combined with mats for the encoding are used for issuing commands to the robot after you. There are two markers - one math, with symbols for mathematical operations and geometric shapes, and the second-the humanitarian, in particular, with punctuation marks, color, forms, views and other illustrations. Thus, the Robot education can help not only in the implementation of software class and other classes in school. Ozobot - the value of all of the kits allows for easy collation of equipment for a whole class or group of children.