Car accessories

Chargers, power supplies, adapters, cables, video recorders and other electronic gadgets, useful while travelling by car.


  • Alcohol Testers

    Alkomaty verifying the state of sobriety and make sure that you can already get behind the wheel.

  • Car Fuses

    Elements, to small repairs of your car.

  • GPS Trackers

    Devices to protect the vehicle from theft or to determine its location.

  • Car Chargers

    The charger allows you to charge mobile devices from the cigarette lighter socket.

  • Car Recorders

    Camera to record the trip. Help to protect yourself from unscrupulous road users.

  • Car Phone Holders

    Mounts facilitate the use of your smartphone or tablet while driving.

  • Car Voltage Regulators

    Devices to 230V AC installation of the car.

  • Others

    Other modules used in automobiles.

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Products by page