Car accessories

Chargers, power supplies, adapters, cables, video recorders and other electronic gadgets, useful while travelling by car.


  • Alcohol Testers Alcohol Testers

    Alkomaty verifying the state of sobriety and make sure that you can already get behind the wheel.

  • Fuses automotive Fuses automotive

    Automotive fuses plays a very important role in any vehicle. In case one gets corrupted, air conditioning, electrically lower the glass, a sound signal or other important elements of the car may stop working. Replacing the fuse is simple and uncomplicated, so they will cope...

  • Yanosik - komunikator drogowy Yanosik - komunikator drogowy

    Yanosik smartphone road With today's traffic on the roads, it becomes increasingly difficult to travel efficiently and without interference. Incidentally, for this reason becoming more popular all sorts of ways to bypass the heavy traffic. Yanosik smartphone traffic is...

  • GPS Trackers GPS Trackers

    Devices to protect the vehicle from theft or to determine its location.

  • Car Chargers Car Chargers

    The charger allows you to charge mobile devices from the cigarette lighter socket.

  • Car Recorders Car Recorders

    Camera to record the trip. Help to protect yourself from unscrupulous road users.

  • Car Phone Holders Car Phone Holders

    Mounts facilitate the use of your smartphone or tablet while driving.

  • Car Voltage Regulators Car Voltage Regulators

    Devices to 230V AC installation of the car.

  • Lacquer thickness gauges Lacquer thickness gauges

    Measuring thickness of paint coating is one of the most important decisions for people who plan on buying a used car. In the case of domestic cars, repair history, much easier to install than in a situation when we are dealing with a car obtained from abroad. If the small...

  • Car diagnostics Car diagnostics

    Car diagnostics is an important aspect of operation of the vehicle. Awareness of drivers about the parameters of the processes occurring in the vehicles and components they installed makes it possible to identify faults at the early stages. In this category are available as...

  • Others Others

    Other modules used in automobiles.

Products by page

Products by page

Most popular automobile accessories

In our offer there are in particular useful alkomaty like goes like and semiconductor. In addition, the range of Botland you'll find one-off models, which are ideal during travel. The wide range and accuracy of measurements provide a versatile use. Moreover, the compact size and relatively low weight ensure full portability of the device. Another category " automotive fuses is useful for any driver that allow minor repairs, of electrical. We offer models, differing in various sizes and technical parameters. Also available in sets which include several different fuses. In our assortment you will find a locator for car, tracking the location of the vehicle, cargo and valuables. In this category there are also useful personal locator with integrated high performance batteries providing continuous operation of the device even for several days. Also available on annual subscription and monthly designed for localization.

Useful accessories for car travel

In Botland store you will also find car chargers that can charge several devices at the same time. In addition, you can buy DVRs, invaluable assistance in incidents, accidents in which it is difficult to determine the cause of the incident. Moreover, the range also includes sturdy handles, designed in particular for smartphones and tablets. In the category car accessories are converters, it is extremely useful on the road and allows a voltage of 230 V AC power from the cigarette lighter socket. For professional drivers and people who often travel great distances, especially recommended Communicator road Yanosik, which informs the driver and passengers, in particular, road traffic accidents and controls.

Optional accessories

In our store you will also find helpful LED lamps, soldering irons cable to plug in cigarette lighter socket, module diagnostics and silicone fabric, providing a stable position, in particular, mobile phones. In addition, we offer transmitery car kits speakerphone for car, charger for batteries, sets of connectors for wires, and more.