Automobile accessories

Car accessories are extremely useful during travel, because they improve not only comfort, but also safety. Although Botland focuses primarily on robots and programmable electronics, we really love everything that is associated with electronic systems. Therefore, in our store in this category you will find many different car accessories. We present car accessories useful while driving created by trusted and reputable manufacturers. Some of them are intended for professional and professional drivers. Other accessories will be useful just for everyone (e.g. geolocation systems, communication modules informing about congested routes etc.)


  • Alkomaty Alkomaty

    As it turned out, the breathalyzer is a very practical and useful measuring device that is used not only by professional drivers but also by people who use the car occasionally as a driver. The priority is to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users....

  • Fuses automotive Fuses automotive

    The electrical system is one of the most sensitive systems in the car's construction, and car fuses are its weakest points. If one of them fails, the air conditioning, electric windows, horn, or the radiator fan may stop working. Safety devices are usually closed in...

  • Yanosik smartphone road Yanosik smartphone road

    Among the consumer electronics devices available on the market, apart from computers, smartphones and tablets, navigation systems are also very popular. Mobile devices, as well as apps for mobile phones, are especially popular. Both solutions are very good in everyday use. The...

  • GPS trackers GPS trackers

    GPS trackers are excellent devices, thanks to which you will be able to quickly and easily find the location of your car or other material property based on geographic coordinates. Such devices are also used to monitor the routes of couriers, sales representatives and also...

  • Car charger Car charger

    Car chargers are very practical and almost indispensable devices during any journey. They allow not only to charge the battery in the phone and other portable multimedia devices but also enable power supply and uninterrupted power supply of popular car navigation systems,...

  • Recorders automotive Recorders automotive

    Dangerous traffic situations are not always clear cut. Sometimes it may turn out that the actual perpetrator of a collision or road accident does not agree with our view of the situation and does not want to take responsibility for a road accident or other road incident. In...

  • Handle Handle

    A mobile phone inside the car can be used, among others as a navigation, music and movie player, and above all for making phone calls without having to hold the phone in your hand. Before embarking on a trip, it is worth ensuring a safe and comfortable mounting to the phone....

  • Converters automotive Converters automotive

    If we have to use the laptop in the car while travelling, there may often be a situation where after turning on the computer, it may turn out that the battery requires urgent charging. Then we can return to the interrupted work only after reaching the place and connecting the...

  • A measure of the thickness of the paint coating A measure of the thickness of the paint coating

    Although in theory every, and practically, almost every sheet metal repair leaves visible traces, even professionals use paint thickness gauges when assessing the actual technical condition of a used car. This is because even if you have an open eye and know what to look for,...

  • Automotive diagnostics Automotive diagnostics

    Until recently, electronic car diagnostics could be performed mainly in specialized car workshops. This resulted, because of the rare availability of diagnostic equipment, which was very expensive. Currently, each driver can independently check the condition of all the most...

  • The rest The rest

    Additional tools and car accessories can be useful for every driver and mechanic in the workshop or garage. Thanks to such practical accessories, you will be able to enrich your car from the functional side, as well as make minor repairs and service activities, also when...

Products by page

Products by page

In this category you will find the highest quality automobile accessories of various types. All are characterized by the highest quality and many possibilities. To check the details and technical parameters of the device, go to the product card.

The best car accessories for you and your loved ones

Car accessories are not unnecessary gadgets, but really helpful devices. They will help you travel in a number of different ways. Individual products are worth buying, regardless of whether you are a person who occasionally drives a car, or you are a professional driver.

So what should be in every car? First of all, it is worth mentioning about various types of breathalyzers. Our offer includes useful electrotechnical and semiconductor breathalysers. It is known that you should only drive a vehicle if your blood alcohol level is below the legal limit. By buying these devices at Botland, you can be sure that you choose the highest quality products. In the Botland assortment you will also find disposable breathalysers (/ alcohol testers) that are perfect for trips.

Car fuses are another sub-category in the field of car accessories. These products are useful for every driver because they allow minor electrical repairs. We offer models characterized by various sizes and technical parameters. Kits with several different fuses are also available. In our assortment you will also find car locators that allow you to track the location of the vehicle, shipments and valuable items. This subcategory also includes useful personal locators, with a built-in high-performance battery, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the device even for several days. In addition, annual and monthly subscriptions are available for locators.

What other useful car accessories should you equip before traveling?

Every trip – the smaller one as well as the longer one – requires proper preparations. In Botland you will find durable car chargers that give you the ability to charge several devices at the same time. We encourage you to buy various types of video recorders. These devices are invaluable during road incidents. They will effectively help determine the actual perpetrator of a given traffic incident.

What's more, in this category you will also find a number of other, smaller but very useful car accessories. Stable holders for smartphones and tablets are a great example. In the category of car accessories there are also converters, extremely useful during travel and allowing to obtain a 230 V AC power supply from the cigarette lighter. For professional drivers and people who often travel long distances, the Yanosik road communicator is especially recommended, which informs the driver and passengers, including on traffic incidents and inspections.

Additional car accessories

Say what you need and it is very likely that we have such a product! In our store you will also find LED warning lamps, USB cables, soldering irons powered from the cigarette lighter socket, diagnostic modules and silicone pads ensuring a stable position of mobile phones and tablets. In addition, we sell car transmitters, car hands-free kits, battery chargers, cable connector kits and various automotive accessories.

Equip your car with the necessary car accessories now! We invite you to place orders.