Accessories contact plates

Accessories contact plates

Category, without which it would be difficult to effectively contain mess and the system on the contact plates. Here You will find accessories for systems, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, such as buttons Tact Switch, LEDs, resistors, potentiometers and straps goldpin. With our extensive range of Botland store, you can buy a whole kit of accessories, as well as a separate art. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of electronics and create stunning complex system with us!

Products by page

Products by page

The world of electronics

This space, which limits You to only Your own imagination. Here you can create a system with przeróżnym range of applications - lighting control, opening doors or gates, ventilation, heating, toys, or major units - all in your hands, enough to delve into the world of electronics and select appropriate system components. Available in the category accessories for contact plates will allow You to easily mess around and enjoy the hand-made system.

Tile connector - to bite?

What is the General tile pin connector? Contact tiles or tile prototypes allow quick and easy construction of electronic devices. Some time ago, projects were built on the so-called “spider”, that is solder or solder in the air. Through the contact plates, which quickly gained popularity, needlework has become much easier. Tiles are durable, do not destroy components of the system and easy to use. In the accessories section for contact plates You will find tile and the necessary elements to them.

Accessories to lend a hand

With the help of the division accessories for contact plates, in a quick and easy way zaopatrzą You in necessary for every electronics, working with systems such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. How to arrange elements on the Board contact? Please note that one hole on the Board to insert only one leg of the element or jumper cable, except in emergency situations. Most importantly, know how are the plates inside the tile. This is the most common cause all kinds of errors for the beginners.

The beginning of an adventure with electronics

At the beginning of your adventure with electronics, is familiar with the basic concepts such as voltage, resistance, voltage, current, resistor, capacitor, Ohm's law and Kirchhoff's or led's. Having basic knowledge, it will be much easier to create projects of electronic devices. Why you should get into the world of electronics? In addition to having fun, you should have some basic knowledge, for example, in order to repair a damaged connector or USB port of the classic Jack. Electronics allows you to develop manual skills - also teaches neatness, accuracy and diligence.

Practice makes a champion

Thanks to the electronics you will learn how to think logically, and this is due to the Queen of Sciences, i.e. mathematics and its close cousin - physics. The use of their rights to teach, and creative thinking and abstract. Creating different projects, electronic, you join a community of craftsmen and enthusiasts, for whom nothing is impossible. After reviewing section accessories contact plates quickly found out that the electronics is not an expensive hobby. Occur, however, expensive elements, but first to catch the Bacillus, You have enough inexpensive kits, in the amount of $ 100. If you find that, however, is not it, to protect invested prior to issuance of a significant amount, as it happens in many other areas.

Combined passions

Are you interested in programming a computer? In this case, what would you say to instead to write another program on the screen, liven up hand-built robot? You can move the engines, flashing lights or communicate with the outside world using built-in sensors! Fond of botany? Create an automatic watering system and spraying plants. Using accessories for contact plates, unlimited world of electronics awaits Your ideas!