Drivers lighting AST

Automation for home today, to a greater or lesser extent the standard in modern apartments. Some prefer for the smart home in every sense of the word, while others want to automate only one specific aspect, for example, to install the automatic lighting. It would be good to glow it is in accordance with the cycle of sunrise and sunset, however, usually uses simple sensors zmierzchowe not always fulfill its role in this regard. In such situations come to us through the drivers of the lighting company AST System.


Smart Home

Young astronomer on a DIN rail

This is not a bug drivers lighting AST they are so smart that can perform the role of Your court astronomer whose sole task extremely accurate color management. The modules are equipped with an astronomical clock, which on the basis of precisely defined numeric (GPS position) timezone, manages multiple relay outputs exactly in the rhythm of sunrise and sunset. AST drivers interact with the mobile app ASTmobile using Bluetooth data transfer, and the time from the internal battery up to 5 years. Cooperating with the photocell and an audible signal cascade, they also have the option of settings, passwords (including day trips). It is hard to imagine a function that wouldn't be already implemented in the drivers of AST – auto lighting has never been so advanced!

Drivers with built-in GPS module

Some drivers lighting AST are able to find their position. ASTmidi GPS module with built-in receiver and GPS antenna, running on 72 channels with great affection 167 dB. With all this time, battery life is still 5 years, so you don't need to remember their frequent replacement. Degree of protection of the module is IP20, so it is necessary to ensure appropriate installation of the housing, which protects the module from falling. Operating temperature range is from -30 °C to 80 °C.

Drivers with light sensor

The product line AST is not only automatic lighting, equipped astronomical clock. We find there also a module for Asfoto – smart relay light level with a relay output able to activate the load 5 A at supply voltage 230 V AC. The device is programmed so that the random and short-term illumination changes do not cause undesired switching of the output. The modules are equipped with broadcast wi-fi and work with external light sensor.

Not only smart house

The product line AST includes not only the driver at home, but also specialized devices for maintenance of utility facilities. Module ASTorlik also has a built-in GPS module and relay outputs with load capacity 230 V / 5 A, but unlike other products of this series, together with the developed application that perfectly simplifies the management of lighting sports facilities. Another engine company AST – 3-output controller ASTmidi – managing street lights with wide possibilities of configuration and functions geolokalizacyjnymi.