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From the beginning of the 21st century, both in residential and industrial building engineering, more and more often designers began to introduce innovative technical solutions in the form of automatic control devices, e.g. lighting inside and outside buildings. Depending on our requirements, we can implement partial or complete automation of the house and its equipment. When designing an intelligent electrical installation, in addition to the function of automatic switching on and off of individual circuits, it is worth paying attention to the selection of appropriate control elements. For example, if you want to install lighting that will only shine when the natural light shines low enough (as in the setting of sunset and sunrise), it is necessary to select a precise twilight sensor with the option of programming a time delay. Specialists from the Polish company AST System came out against these and other customer expectations. The AST System company deals in the design and production of automation and lighting control systems for streets, parks and large sports facilities, such as stadiums and halls.


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ASTfoto - smart lighting controller with 230VAC relay output

The AST System range of products includes not only lighting control systems with an astronomical clock, but also intelligent twilight switches. An example of such a product is the ASTfoto module offered by our store. This device is equipped with a twilight switch controlled by a built-in relay. The module can support all electrical devices supplied with 230VAC rated voltage and maximum power consumption up to 5A. Designers of the ASTfoto module have developed its construction so that it is characterized by high stability of operation. If interference occurs in the form of a brief change in light intensity, the ASTfoto switch does not respond to these and similar interference. The module's communication with external devices is also carried out via Wi-Fi, and the module's control and programming can also be performed from a smartphone.

AST System - other useful modules for lighting control

The AST system series modules are primarily lighting controllers for home installations, but also extensive programmable controllers for lighting management in industrial facilities, public buildings, as well as street lighting. Similar to the ASTfoto module offered by our store, the ASTorlik module is also equipped with a 230VAC control relay and 5A working current, and it has also been equipped with a GPS communication module. To be able to operate such a module, all you need to do is download, install and run on your phone an application for lighting control on large entertainment facilities, e.g. in stadiums. Also noteworthy is the ASTmidi module - a programmable street lighting controller with 230V relay outputs and a Bluetooth module. A special advantage of ASTmidi modules is the ability to work for several years on a single battery charge and the ability to work in an environment with different temperatures - from crackling winter frost to intense summer heat.