AST lighting controllers

Drivers equipped with an astronomical clock, allowing the activation and deactivation of devices at the GPS position and sunrise and sunset.


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Installation and maintenance – as a complex lighting controller AST?

The manufacturer provides the astronomical clock, which after installation requires virtually no maintenance. Customers also get access to the app GPS and the possibility of individual adjustment. Drivers provide the possibility of mounting on a DIN rail, so needs to cope with this problem, even people without much experience.

The app interface is exceptionally intuitive ASTmobile. The company act also provides the function of inputting your own patch – even up to 240 minutes. Each can customize in any way to maximize the effects and lower costs. Astronomical clock, additionally can be equipped with sensors that will profesjonalizować layout. You have searched for unusual use of lighting drivers AST? So use the details available on your fingertips.

Use drivers lighting AST

They can be used to control lights or devices at the facilities, public and private. You want to have street lights in Your yard flashing automatically and independently lined up in the power of the light based weather conditions or time of day? Are you the administrator of Orlick, a sports hall or a private Playground? In this case, solutions from AST sent to You.

They fit as well as the system of control over the lighting of the streets. Maintenance adjustment will reduce operating costs. A positive budget is to provide for new investments to improve life in a particular place.

You want to know more or to get to know the drivers lighting AST? Just contact our experts. With pleasure will answer all Your questions and help you choose the products so that your investment was the most useful.