Generators functional

In the category of “functional Generators” you will find high quality equipment needed in almost every laboratory of robotics or electronics. We have a device that creates all sorts of passages the functions of different frequencies. These can be devices that work as stand-alone generators (different parameters and capabilities) and accurate oscilloscopes with a built-in generator, and such that only in combination with a computer (except as a generator function) a gain function of the two-channel oscillograph.


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Generators functional

In our range you will find professional devices for generating the specified voltage signal. These funds are used primarily in electronics and robotyków, but also in schools or universities. The task of the functional generator is to generate a voltage signal user-defined forms and parameters (e.g., rectangular, sawtooth or sinusoidal). In addition, the device has to provide control voltages, the amplitude of the signal and its frequency or phase, it is better that changes can be carried out on a regular basis during the measurement. Devices of this type are suitable, for example, to test prototypowanych devices or for Troubleshooting defective devices. They can be used, causing a corresponding signal at the input of the electronic equipment and checking whether the output appears as expected. They are used, for example, for repair, testing or research, switches, amplifiers, acoustic filters or RF or górnoprzepustowych, filters, tape, to determine the frequencies or to study the phase characteristics.

What we offer in this section?

The range of generators functional in a different form and in different price options. The choice between the other equipment generating mileage up to 15 MHz or higher model up to 60 MHz. We have a device that when connected to a computer becomes a complete set of measurements with a dual channel oscilloscope and generator function. It may be very useful also oscilloscope with a built-in generator function, which can operate in the frequency range up to 100 MHz. The proposed equipment is always the device of origin from the most respected manufacturers in the industry - Hantek, JDS6600, Siglent whether Velleman.