A series of Gravity for Arduino

Company DFRobot probably don't need to imagine because it is always present in the world of developers and designers. It is engaged in the production of high quality plates, modules and other equipment working with the Arduino. Gravity is a series of sensors on these compounds, which is compatible in particular with Gravity DFRobot IO Expansion Shield for Arduino. Want to know more? We invite you to familiarize yourself with a ready-made range or contact our specialists.

A series of Gravity – functionality and features

In this category are as basic (for example, temperature sensors or liquid level in the tank), as well as additional modules (e.g., modules for increasing memory, or magnetic field sensors based on Hall effect). Thanks to them, not only in connection with the preservation capabilities of its platform and raise the level of computing power, but with us you will create a stunning design characterized by pure and efficient work. You should use your skills and experience to deal with other problems, such as the development of designs based on the heart rate sensors of the human heart.

Sensors gravity Arduino is just a tool that provides You with wonderful opportunities. However, it all depends on Your creativity, imagination and goals. If you need assistance in the selection order, we will gladly help you in the Assembly kit.

How to use DFRobot potential Gravity

Automation of simple actions and system wyręczające us in duties is almost standard, which uses the sensors of Gravity. Although it may seem that the humidity sensors, temperature or even the pH of the soil suitable for use in home gardens and stations of weather conditions, often they can improve their work large farms. Manufacturers can continuously monitor the parameters of the earth, the weather or the situation, intervening when necessary.

Gravity Arduino is also suitable for private, office buildings, industrial buildings and warehouses. The gas sensors or temperature can indicate a failure or problem, informing the people in the room or in the immediate vicinity that there was anomaly that may pose a threat.

The more elements and sensors, the components of the protective system, including Your property or business safer.