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Fibaro is a Polish company founded in 2010 that specializes in the field of intelligent devices and home automation systems. The hardware specifications of Fibaro products ensure full compatibility with the Z-Wave, Z-Wave Plus wireless communication standards and with the Amazon Alexa system that performs the function of a voice assistant. The offer of Fibaro products included in the Botland store assortment includes control devices enabling central control of many devices at the same time, as well as individual video intercoms, proximity sensors and temperature sensors as well as 230VAC sockets with the function of measuring energy consumption. We also offer additional hardware extensions that you can use to enrich almost any home device with additional features and functional elements. Fibaro home automation modules are made with high quality and attention to detail. Designers took care of both the aesthetic appearance of the modules, as well as the selection of excellent electronic components that guarantee reliable and reliable work for many years.


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Products by page

Fibaro - a wide range of home automation devices with accessories

The Fibaro brand equipment available in the Botland store offer includes central controllers, autonomous controllers dedicated to independent control of individual devices, hardware extensions with which the user can connect devices with a different compatibility standard to the Fibaro system, 230VAC sockets with a control relay and an energy consumption measuring system , buttons and remote controls, thermostatic heads for heating installations, sensors of non-electrical size, i.e. temperature, humidity, hazardous gases and motion sensors, Amazon Alexa voice control systems, as well as housings and mounting elements. The home automation modules of the Fibaro system are highly versatile also in terms of control methods. Any operation, e.g. turning off the light, closing the garage door, changing the target temperature in the room or turning up the output volume of amplification system can be performed both by buttons and by controlling voice commands and manual gestures. All control settings can be programmed to suit your preferences.

Fibaro - compatibility at the highest level

The most important advantages of Fibaro home automation modules include, above all, simple operation, reliability, high functionality and efficiency, as well as compatibility ensuring the possibility of cooperation between Fibaro modules and devices from other manufacturers. Fibaro products enable building a complex automation ecosystem for intelligent buildings. Thanks to the use of wireless communication technology, Fibaro modules can work together even at very large distances, thus providing wide and universal possibilities for creating intelligent networks that significantly increase the comfort and operational safety of the building. By buying Fibaro devices, you choose one of the best solutions on the market in the field of control systems for smart homes. Fibaro modules allow you to implement comprehensive control of lighting, air conditioning, heating, multimedia devices, kitchen equipment, and also provides excellent security and protection of the building against potential burglaries and attempts to destroy / steal your own property.