Fibaro - automatics for home

Fibaro - home automation - In this category we offer elements of a home automation system Fibaro. A popular solution that is compliant with the wireless standard Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus, and assistant Amazon Alexa. We offer, among other things, control modules (Central and target specific parts of the system), switches, smart plugs, sensors, wideodomofony, expansion modules and mounting components.


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Products by page

Fibaro – automatics for home

Fibaro is one of the most recognized and respected manufacturers of home automation. The device can be integrated with equipment from other companies, and will be compatible with the popular voice assistant Amazon Alexa, and working with wireless protocols Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus. There is also the Fibaro modules that allow you to replace almost any equipment, smart device that can become part of a home automation system.

Why choose Fibaro system?

The big advantage of Fibaro devices is that they are popular, thanks no problem with a possible repair or addition to the set of additional elements. Also of importance is compatibility. In particular, the Protocol Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus, which are the basis of many wireless systems, including those covering devices from different manufacturers. In addition, all Fibaro products has durability, high quality performance and versatile design aestheticthat will appeal to even the most demanding users.

Fibaro - Automatics for home - What we offer in this category?

In this category you can find the following products:

– the Central modules, allowing control of the entire system and control it;

– control modules for individual system elements, e.g., shutters or lighting;

– expansion modules for connecting devices that are incompatible with the system;

intelligent networking outlets that allow you to control devices from the mains;

– buttons and trinkets, to run devices and scenes

assistants voice Amazon Alexa,

– thermostatic heads to control the heating;

– sensors: motion, temperature, humidity, flooding, smoke and other;

installation elements, such as frames, ink cartridges, switches, and others.