Accessories for solar panels

Renewable energy sources have long since ceased to be a fantasy of engineers and of interest to the technological futurist. Powerful PV farm or even large wind turbines are not only an increasingly common element of the Polish landscape, but also an important topic in the European policy environment. However, in addition to the installation cost of several million rubles, it is increasingly common to find small cells and batteries the photovoltaic, the purpose is to power small devices installed in the public space. For such small systems, we dedicate the accessories for solar panels, available in this category.

Renewable energy – the advantages and limitations, in a nutshell

Obvious advantages of renewable energy sources in the national or continental scale, should the environmental aspect is the energy of the sun or the wind (by our standards) are inexhaustible, hence her skillful use allows to reduce the development of deposits of natural. However, in the case of small devices, for example, infokiosków, telemetry sensors or a service station of urban bicycles to the forefront the ability to power devices without the need of arranging wires of the AC power supply. A significant limitation of all renewable energy systems is the fact that the availability of energy largely depends on the current weather and time of day – hence the need for proper management of the received energy. The surplus must be stored, and in the moments of the limit to the "delivery" of electricity (e.g. at night when there is not enough sunlight) – download the necessary energy from the battery. And here come into play all kinds of accessories for solar panels, that is, intelligent controllers and battery charging.

Solar charge controllers in the proposal Botland

In this category you will find excellent charge controllers PWM, performing the role of a kind of "interface" between the battery (i.e., local storage of energy), and source (i.e. panel fotowoltaicznym) and energy sink (i.e., load, or – in other words, with power over the system device). For example, the model LO Digital SALT-30ED support batteries with a voltage of 12 V or 24 V, and provides charging current up to 30 A. Which is very important, this driver has been equipped with protection against overcharging and total discharge. These functions are implemented using respectively the disconnection of the solar panel or load. The device is equipped with a simple, intuitive user interface consisting of LCD display and several control buttons. You will find here also the same accessories for solar panels with different functionality and electrical characteristics.

Modules and accessories for solar panels of low power

In our offer we also the main accessories line, as well as modules designed to work with small elements and panels coated with photovoltaic cells. Here you will find a small, simple charger for batteries with a lipo as a complex, wielowyjściowe modules power management. But if you're looking for the most simple but necessary accessories for solar panels – connectors, cables and adapters in this category you will find all you need. Among the products from this group included, in particular, wielometrowe extension cables for solar panels have standard connectors used in PV installations.