Solar panels low-power

The solar battery of small capacity is a great alternative to other energy sources. Skillful use of inexhaustible (at least in the scale of our lives) deck on solar energy allows you to build many useful devices that can many years to work in places without access to mains power, even where it is possible to replace the battery or battery pack. In this category you will find solar panels of low power, designed to power small devices in a modern and eco-friendly way.

Photovoltaics in the practice

If you are going to use solar panel low power in practice, you have to consider – already at the preliminary stage of the project some of the key properties of this type of energy sources. First of all, please note that the project is significant daily variability, which concerns the power obtained from the solar panel. Depending on the weather (cloud cover) and time of day and geographical location, the available power generated link is widely variable. Because of this – to have the opportunity to receive a stable supply voltage is necessary to use a good DC/DC converters. On the other hand, should provide in the system power supply buffer battery, which in the period of great solar lights collect surplus energy to the system (which is a panel load) could use the supply at night or in bad weather conditions.

Small solar panels the store Botland

In this category you will find a very wide range of solar panels with low power sizes from a few to a little more than 25 cm, varying generated voltage, nominal voltage and a level of the received output power. The smallest of them – the link power of 0.4 W and generates a voltage of about 5.5 Volts and is equipped with solder pads for connecting wires. We also have another version of this unit, equipped with short wire thus, connector type USB-A. Large units – for example, the size is 13.6 cm x 11 cm – they are able to generate power 1 W (at a voltage of 6 Volts), and the largest panel available in this category provides up to 5 watts of power and, in addition, has a very useful character elastic fabric, which can be easily mounted on various types of surfaces.

Ready solar system. in mini size

Very attractive, perfect for beginning adventure with photovoltaics, small module from DFRobot link 2 V/160 mA. The small tile size is only 30 x 30 mm allows you to charge lithium polymer (1S, that is 3.7 V), current up to 100 mA via micro USB cable or using the included supplies waterproof solar panel small power (50 x 50 mm). What is very important, on Board tile found everything you need for reliable operation of the system, including a chip controller, solar SPV1050 and a USB charger.