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Cables, patch cord Ethernet - No network installation without patch cords. These are short, convenient cables for the ethernet connection are an integral part of any server cases on the network, regardless of whether it is a home, small office or large house. What is patch cord? This so-called crossover cable, i.e. a short section of power cord that is terminated on both sides by respective plug-ins. Used to connect network devices in a star topology.


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Products by page

A wide range of patch cords, network store Botland

Available in our store patch cords meet all the requirements of the people who build the server or network folder. Available cables UTP and STP cat 5e and cat 6e can work with different transmission speeds and using PoE. A wide selection of lengths and colors available ethernet cables allows the review schludnych and aesthetic compounds, even in the most complex system. Perhaps it is a full range of cables, patch cord.

Ethernet cable - network Cables of various technologies

In our assortment you will find cables UTP and STP category 5 and 6 (cat-5 and cat-6). These terms characterize the design of ethernet cables and determine particularly which kind of installation and the maximum transmission speed is suitable. UTP and STP is the so-called twisted pair, that is, the cables feature twisted network wires that the task to improve the stability of the transmitted signals from noise. In addition, the STP wires have a protective screen transmission from electromagnetic interference.

The procedure in the transaction with an appropriate choice of the length of patch cords

Various colors and cable lengths available in our store, allow you to effectively and aesthetically create any network installation. Available patch cords in standard lengths, such as 0.25 m, 0.5 m, 1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m, 3 m, 4 m, 5 m, 7.5 m, 10 m, 15 m, 20 m and 30 m. to Pick up an ethernet cable of appropriate length that makes it not need to roll the excess cable and Tinker with problem upychaniem it in a Cabinet or junction box. In an extreme case it is possible to make a patch cord of required length, if none of the standard is not suitable. In our store you can find not prepared the network cable in coils of 305 meters.

Colored cables krosownicze the key to a clear set of

Maintaining a visible design, for example, in the closet krosowniczej is extremely useful, especially during maintenance work. Thanks patchcordom available in various colors, very easy to maintain-it is the readability of the network installation. In our store available cables krosownicze in colors like: white, black, red, blue, grey, green and yellow.