Solar panel foldable

Renewable energy today is not only fashionable, but gradually becomes a necessity. Until recently, such "private" use of renewable energy pasjonowali individual users, and openness on green energy was an indicator of the modern approach to energy and power sources. However, as given in this category folding solar panels, today the extraction of power from renewable energy sources is commonplace. Managers – especially those smaller in size – are "mobile battery", which can be used almost anytime and in any conditions.

The laptop is charging from the solar panel?

Renewable energy has many advantages. The most important of these is the fact that access to it is unlimited and inexhaustible. If such solutions as geotermia require large investments, wind energy, and to an even greater degree of the sun is available in a very simple way. This is evidenced perfectly that we offer in our store solar PiJuice. The smallest of them is only in 380x260x25 mm and weight of just 390 grams. Is not, therefore, problem to take this portable solar battery on a trip. PiJuice is designed primarily to power the Raspberry Pi microcomputer and lining PiJuice HAT. It does not end there. Thanks to the two USB outputs (5 V) and an internal smart-power you can use solar panels to power even a smartphone or web camera.

When the battery in the car, he refuses to obey

The previously mentioned solar panels PiJuice recommended for powering mobile devices. You can connect to them even two at the same time. But what if during the trip runs out of power, not a small smartphone, but a battery car? In this case you should choose foldable solar panel PowerFilm. In our offer you will find a sun size 55,9x53. 3 cm to 1 207x1,308 meters. Their capacity ranges from 5 to 60! Interestingly, even the largest of these models goes far from massive solar panels used to power homes. It weighs only 1.45 kg, and after the presentation you can successfully hide him in the trunk, because we have gathered the solar panel only has 33,6x17,8 cm

How does folding solar panel?

Scientists are constantly competing with each other in the development of smaller, thinner and less visible solar panels. Still the principle of their action remains unchanged and is based on the phenomenon fotowoltaicznym. It to convert solar energy into electricity, and micro this process is associated with the movement of electrons in półprzewodniku. The fact that such phenomena can also be used in thin, reminiscent of the case car and relatively inexpensive folding solar panels that makes solar energy becomes available every day.