Filamenty Pro PLA

Filamenty PLA-Pro - 3D Printing, like any technology, entails the development of various technologies and materials, designed for use with commercially available devices. Among filaments for 3D printers are one of the more popular materials is PLA, otherwise polilaktyd. In addition to the many advantages, the main variety of PLA has also some disadvantages, which in some cases was sometimes a problem and could force the designers to use other materials. Fortunately for three-dimensional printers appeared on the market filamenty PLA Pro – a series of materials about the corrected mechanical properties for more demanding applications.


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Filament PLA Pro is more powerful from ABS?

In the world of 3D printing is assumed that the elements that require greater mechanical strength print mostly with ABS. Not surprising, since this material dominated the industry zabawkarski, manufacture of housings for electronic devices of wide application, as well as buildings of industrial and universal, and nothing indicates that any other type of plastic was it zdeklasować. 3D printing with ABS, however, has some limitations – among them, first and foremost, the inconvenience of clean production (for example, the need to print at high temperatures of the head and preheating of the desktop). In a situation when the ABS need to be replaced by another material with the aid of filamenty PLA Pro.

Filamenty PLA-Pro – for professionals

Filamenty PLA Pro offer the same advantages that are characteristic of classic PLA and reduce the number of disadvantages a popular, inexpensive materials PLA. Available in our store, various thread colors Spectrum Pro PLA facilitate the correct choice of color material for each application. The material itself, and is characterized by ease of printing at low temperatures of the head (range, typical for PLA, i.e., from 185 to 215°C), which is the ability to biodegradation , as well as high stiffness and mechanical strength. Importantly, despite increased resistance to deformation of the prints and their high strength and stability, a 3D-printing with filaments PLA Pro remains safe for users and delivers excellent quality surfaces.

Full range of colors

Not by chance in the company logo Spectrum was the image of a multicolor chameleon. The manufacturer is rich in various colors materials – as in muted, soft shades of white and contrasting, bright and refreshing oranges, green or yellow. In our offer you will find white filamenty PLA Pro Arctic White and slightly creamy PLA Pro Coral, noble shades of bronze (Pearl Bronze Copper Rust) and bile (Pearl Gold), or universal shades of gray (Dark Grey and Silver Star). By hand available in various colors of the spectrum green (Forest Green, Lime Green), bright orange (Orange Lion), blood red (Blood Red) or shades of blue (Pacific Blue, Navy Blue) and bile (Bahama Yellow). The palette is crowned with a deep, bright black (Deep Black).