Filamenty Pro PLA

PLA filament is a popular 3D printing material used by both professionals and beginners. It was discovered in 1780, and a few years later, scientist Wallace Carothers created a PLA. Finally, in the 90s, companies began to manufacture different kinds of 3d filaments, including the famous PLA. This material is so commonly used because it’s easy to use. That makes it one of the first 3D materials popular among individual consumers 3D. The filament is heated in the nozzle of a 3D printer, and thus the device can build an object, adding layers of certain material. This process is comparable to an inkjet printer that sprays ink on the paper during printing. Filaments are essential for 3D printing. Thanks to them, we can create or reproduce objects. offers high-quality Pro PLA filaments at best prices. If you are looking for PLA filament to your 3D printer, check our large selection of products.


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Large selection of PLA Pro filaments

The PLA Pro is a high-performance PLA filament which allows you to go beyond the printing performance of traditional materials. PLA Pro filament has similar benefits to its classic version; however, it’s better because it doesn’t follow the drawbacks of standard PLA. This polymer has different uses and applications, however, in the world of 3d printing, it’s commonly used as a material for creating decorations, prototypes, or large mechanical parts. offers various colors of Spectrum Pro PLA filaments so you can choose the option that will meet your expectations. Pro PLA is a perfect material for low-temperature printing (185 to 215°C). It’s also more durable and solid than classic PLA. Although this material is resilient, solid, and stable, Pro PLA is still perfectly safe for its users and provides outstanding quality. Because of its many advantages and reasonable price, this filament is highly recommended for both professionals and hobbyists. What is more, PLA filament is eco-friendly, and there are different variations of it (300g, 500g, 1Kg, 5Kg, 8Kg, ...) available on the market. Because this material is plant-based, it’s recyclable and bio-degradable (in the industrial sense). It can be cooled very quickly and, therefore, doesn’t require a heating plate to avoid warping. To create 3D objects, you must choose an appropriate filament first. Buy a material suitable for your needs and according to prints you want to make.

Advantages of PLA Pro

The PLA Pro filament has similar properties to PLA but is more heat-resistant than thermoplastic terpolymers such as ABS and also significantly more impact-resistant.

What is more, PLA Pro has a low shrinkage rate, and its layers adhere to each other very well.

Also, PLA Pro is odorless and provides excellent bonding of layers, high rigidity, and good gloss. There are no problems with cracking, and this material is stronger than normal PLA. Do you want to buy a high-quality PLA Pro at a reasonable price? If so, check the large selection of products available in this category. In our catalog, you will find diverse PLA Pro colors - mild shades of white, vibrant orange, green, red, yellow, and many more. You can also opt for Arctic White filaments, PLA Pro Coral, universal gray models (Dark Gray and Silver Star), or Deep Black. PLA Pro filaments can be used in a professional environment but also for creating decorative objects in which one wishes a solidity. The PLA Pro makes it possible to go beyond a standard PLA while retaining a very great simplicity of use without a heating plate. It is ideal for the rapid prototyping of functional parts. Its reliability and performance make it possible to gain either in productivity, solidity, and surface quality. provides the largest selection of PLA Pro filaments on the market. Choose the filament for your 3D printer from a wide range of our products, and don’t hesitate to ask us a question. Our customer service will be happy to help you with your purchase. We offer fast delivery and reasonable prices.