Filamenty smart ABS

Filamenty smart ABS - Filamenty ABS, are present from the very beginning of the existence of 3D printers. Given the excellent mechanical properties of the printed parts and constantly evolving portfolio of manufacturers offering different color materials ABS today is an ideal choice for many applications, in particular for housings of equipment or moving machinery parts. 3D printing with the classic ABS, however, burdened with some restrictions. Some of them are removed, creating a new variety of this material – filamenty Smart ABS.


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Filamenty Smart ABS - what is it?

Smart ABS is a kind of classic ABS. The manufacturer changed it in a physico-chemical and mechanical properties, which materials are sometimes perceived as a disadvantage of the production. First of all, filamenty Smart ABS are characterized by a lower degree of shrinkage and a lower printing temperature. Greatly facilitates the work on printers that were not equipped in the camera screen and does not work in a highly stable environment. Low shrinkage factor, in addition, reduces the risk of hemming printing and issuing from the desktop. 3D printing using Smart ABS easier with the growth rate of turnover, and in addition, allows to achieve the shiny, smooth surface of the object under construction. It is of great importance in the details, working in visible places (e.g., buildings).

Smart ABS Filament - Filament that can more

The parameters of the proposed filamenty Smart ABS allow the use of these materials for all applications in which previously used the standard version of ABS. In addition, due to the shiny surface of the print, in many cases, you will be able to abandon the annoying smoothing with bath acetonowych (and in the case of classical ABS frequently they are an integral part of post-processing.) The accuracy of the fiber diameter Smart ABS is +/- 0.05 mm, and we offer in this category coil contain 1 kg of material. The range of preferred temperatures printing starts at 230 °C and goes up to 255 °C and the recommended temperature of the table is 100 °C. Due to the excellent mechanical properties that offer filamenty Smart ABS, printouts of technical components that can be subjected to tapping or machining during machining , e.g., drilling or milling. High hardness and impact resistance allow use of the Smart ABS filaments in the manufacture of mobile elements, brackets or housings of devices.

Filamenty Smart ABS - Different colors, same high quality

High quality filamenty Smart ABS firms Spectrum in our store are available in a wide palette of colors. We offer various shades of white – a pure white Polar White and slightly creamy, warm, Coral, gray, dark gray, Dark Gray and silver Silver Star, and deep black – Deep Black. Also available different colors of the spectrum green (Forest Green), red (Dragon's Red), a refreshing bright orange (Orange Lion) and bile (Bahama Yellow). Print blue items we recommend to turn filament Pacific Blue.