JIMU - educational robots

One of the most important problems faced by developers of products for children and adolescents is the elimination of the constraints of the design. The design is interesting and creative, when not limit us to anything beyond their own ingenuity. Robots developing JIMU not only restrict the user, but, on the contrary, encourage him to test different versions of devices. Additional stencils designs make that the study of robotics with JIMU is an endless adventure.


Chassis - type
Chassis - wheels
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From spychacza after humanoid

Sets JIMU assistance in the preparation of the project of Your dreams. Contrary to popular belief, they are intended not only for children – coming up with new designs released even adults. The range of educational robots brand have several sets from which you can choose the most interesting for us: Trackbot will help to build spychacza or lift crawler and Karbot components for the manufacture of the vehicle or the robot track is assigned a track. Huge opportunity carries with it a set JIMU TankBot that facilitate the creation of car and pet. AstroBot is the only robot educational JIMO that can communicate with you – expresses emotions as "expressions" of the eye surrounded by colored LEDs) and sound (via Bluetooth speaker). But JIMU Box set of brake designed specifically for schools thinking about learning programming.

A strong motivation for creativity

Depending on the model, the robots, developing JIMU equipped with infrared sensors, motors, serwomechanizmy, Bluetooth speakers, and even miniature computers. Very interesting is the application Blocky, part of the already mentioned set of JIMU Box for schools. It uses a graphical programming language, a library of commands, the ability to manufacture circuits, and adding conditions. For children who have just put in the programming, an extremely valuable experience may be a function of writing movements. She is to carry on the programming language of movements executed in the robot. The user can, thus, about how should look the program that implements the interesting team – ready code snippet is suitable for use in their own experiments with JIMU.

Wheels, gauges, caterpillar...

All items are obtained from sets JIMU compatible, so you can freely mix and match in their projects. But it's not the end of fun. Thanks to additional sets of wheels and tires can be easily replaced, for example, pet in the mobile device. And the sets of caterpillars have been replaced by robots, educational moving on wheels in a mini-tank or intrepid explorers of a new land. Also, you can use additional touch sensors, which equips Your JIMU in an acute sense. And the gyroscope (available in a separate package), not only protects the structure from przewracaniem, but also introduces the user to the world of the laws of physics. Of course, building your own robot, have many questions and search for answers to these questions will be for the children prelude to the great goal, the world of science and technology.