Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 3 Bi+ (Plus)

Minikomputer Raspberry Pi in the latest version 3+ model B plus starter kit. The creation of the first minikomputera or system based on the Raspberry is a huge event for every master who want to start their adventure with automation, programming and komputeryzowaniem their lives. This is a wonderful device that opens up a whole world of possibilities and innovative projects that can ease daily activities!

All, however, you must collect, make and program. Or is it as scary as it may seem to the novice user? Of course not! It is sufficient to select suitable modules and kits for Raspberry Pi 3 B plus, which are suitable to the house of every fan, and for the more advanced gadżeciarza.

What are modules and kits for Raspberry Pi 3?

Making kit Raspberry Pi-3 and the necessary accessories to start, you can create an incredibly smart and efficient home automation system, apartment, office and any other object. Using these tools, you can create any management system, in particular:

  • monitoring,
  • sensors of temperature, precipitation, wind,
  • shutters and blinds
  • entrance gate and garage,
  • the door locks and Windows,
  • light
  • sound.

This is only the most simple examples, because the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi 3 unlimited and can be used to design complex structures.

Raspberry: reviews and complexity of service

Every year the Raspberry is gaining popularity and new users happy – people around the world know this outstanding microcomputer, even if they are not engaged in programming.

People, beginners should not be afraid of difficulties with his first designs as per the assortment of our shop you can find kits with free online course and for people with large demands on the network are available complete instructions on how to perform step by step a particular device or design.