Modules and accessories for Raspberry Pi 3B+ (Plus)

Tiny Raspberry Pi computers, almost from the very beginning of existence in the market are immortal popularity among the electronics, programmers, scientists, and tinkerers. Its popularity "raspberry" because of the very high ratio of price and quality. Never before because it was not possible to buy a very small amount of computer of small size and yet large computational capabilities. Raspberry Pi 3B+ is a modification of the minicomputers of the third generation, typing in "raspberry" another improvement.


  • Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 3B+ (Plus) Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 3B+ (Plus)

    The category in which You'll find modules and kits Raspberry Pi 3B+ (Plus), and they include such accessories as, for example, recruitment for the manufacture of gaming console or set with case, mouse and keyboard. Check out our wide range of products and join our satisfied...

  • Enclosure for Raspberry Pi 3B+ Enclosure for Raspberry Pi 3B+

    Raspberry brand minikomputera that its size does not exceed the size of a standard credit card. In this phenomenal form is the power, which is enough for desktop. This is absolutely a revolutionary solution for those who like electronics and gadgets that are technical. Along...

  • Power supply for Raspberry Pi 3B+ Power supply for Raspberry Pi 3B+

    Everyone who knows basic electronics knows what brand of Raspberry. Usually called raspberry, is a computer platform that was created with the goal of learning computer basics. The project Raspberry Pi had its origins in the UK, and premiered in 2012.

  • Memory card for Raspberry Pi 3B+ Memory card for Raspberry Pi 3B+

    The Raspberry Pi is jednopłytkowe computers started selling almost ten years ago. This platform does not have its own internal memory, so you need to purchase a micro-SD card. In most cases the Raspberry Pi you will also need a micro-SD card as the source from which the...

  • Leads video and audio for the Raspberry Pi 3B+ Leads video and audio for the Raspberry Pi 3B+

    In order to fully exploit the potential of the Raspberry Pi computer is to purchase a specialized for this platform cables audio and video. Thanks to it you will be able to connect a large TV and facilities for making collections for your Raspberry Pi. The range of our online...

  • Displays for Raspberry Pi 3B+ Displays for Raspberry Pi 3B+

    Connect the display to the Raspberry Pi computer will make sure that you will be able to work in a convenient way. In the online store Botland you will find displays of various sizes, offering different technologies of image output. We provide a wide range of monitors for each...

  • Camera for Raspberry Pi 3B+ Camera for Raspberry Pi 3B+

    Adding a camera module to the Raspberry Pi is very easy and can replace this minikomputer just a video surveillance system, and also enrich its function of reference wideoczatu. Simply connect the camera to the CSI connector on a Raspberry Pi, and when you turn on the...

  • GPIO extension and lining HAT for Raspberry Pi 3B+ GPIO extension and lining HAT for Raspberry Pi 3B+

    Raspberry Pi 3B+ is one of the new generation of the popular minikomputera jednopłytkowego based on the ARM processor. Compact size, large capacity, excellent technical support and affordable price is one of the main advantages of Raspberry Pi 3B+. However, the true potential...

  • Mounting elements for Raspberry Pi 3B+ Mounting elements for Raspberry Pi 3B+

    Every electronic device that will operate in closed rooms and outdoor space shall be provided in the housing, which not only has good aesthetic qualities, but, above all, constitutes a good protection of the contained components, electronic and mechanical. Also minikomputera...

  • Computer accessories USB to Raspberry Pi 3B+ Computer accessories USB to Raspberry Pi 3B+

    Raspberry Pi 3B+ is one of the most popular minicomputers jednopłytkowych on the market. The dedicated Raspbian operating system OS based on the Linux system, rich equipment and communication connections for external devices, support communities, to bring together other users...

Products by page

Products by page

"Raspberry" after the facelift, ie Raspberry grows in strength

Module Raspberry Pi 3B+ premiere March 14, 2018 and made a number of positive changes relative to the version 3B. Minikomputer was based on Broadcom BCM2837B0 offering a clock frequency of 200 MHz higher than its predecessor (1.4 GHz instead of 1.2 GHz), although it is still a 4-core processor ARM Cortex-A53. Changes have not changed the amount of RAM – the same as in the case of the Raspberry Pi 2B, 2B v1.2 and 3B, is 1 GB (shared with GPU support). Interestingly, the maximum current declared by the manufacturer decreased, despite the increase of computational performance (instead of 1.13 And prior values of 1.34 A) increased current consumption in idle (has 459 instead of 300 mA), although, as in the 4 spinal cord the machine still not this value is puzzling.

Communication of the XXI century

Raspberry Pi 3B+ represents a breakthrough in product lines "crimson" computers. Because this is the first model, which is dual-band wi-fi module that support broadcasting in both bands, currently used częstotliwościowych: 2.4 GHz (frequency band, supports all older and newer devices) and 5 GHz (podbijające the market for wireless networking for several years). Importantly, the new radio module supports a comprehensive set of wi-fi standards such as 802.11 b/g/n/ac, and later (relative to the version 3B), a standard Bluetooth 4.2 LS BLE. Positive changes occurred also in the field of wired network is Ethernet controller Raspberry Pi 3B+ supports much higher data transfer rate, in real conditions up to 300 Mbps.

Accessories and add-ons – official and not only

The Raspberry Pi Foundation since its market success ensures that computer users, those born under the sign of raspberries will never end, the necessary accessories and add-ons. In our offer you will find both the official and the enclosure for Raspberry Pi 3B+ (red-white and graphite), as well as a huge variety of packages from other manufacturers, including the transparent casing, wooden or imitating the immortal game consoles from the 80-ies. We also have a wide selection of power supply units, memory cards, cables or anchoring elements (radiators, distances and connectors). Be sure to also read a broad category that contains different kinds of lining Raspberry Pi HAT. They allow you to extend the functionality minikomputera almost all possibilities you can imagine. Here you will find all sorts of displays and camera modules, one hundred percent compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3B+.