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We present the category in which you will find converters of high power (above 100 W) – the device intended for raising and lowering the input voltage. In our extensive range of products online store Botland you will find a variety of converters, ranging from people with a supply voltage from 10V to models with a supply voltage of about 80 V. We have in stock devices of various sizes and capacity. We invite beginners and advanced technicians to explore our diverse range.


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Products by page

What is the Converter?

Voltage Converter, including converters of large power, sometimes also called power Converter or voltage Converter is a device, electrical or Electromechanical, ensuring power supply of consumers with power systems where the connection parameters do not allow a direct connection to the receiver. The Converter changes the values of current and voltage according to the receiver, with the least possible loss of power. The smaller power dissipation, the higher the efficiency of the Converter.

Types of converters and their application

Looking at each PSU, we can safely call him a power Converter. After all, his task is to lower the loaded voltage and its stabilization. Layouts that do not consume energy directly from the network, just from a different source, often called converters or transducers. Those that produce a voltage significantly higher from its tension, are called converters high power. Typically, such devices are components of other devices, not individual machines. Another type are inverters, which are often powered from the battery and produce AC current with a certain voltage.

DC voltage and AC

Depending on the type of stress used different symbols. Marked DC-DC converters tucked in a constant DC voltage. DC-AC or converted DC voltage to AC and can be found, for example, in the automotive power supply produces a voltage of 230 V. AC-AC processing the AC voltage to AC. The process is commonly used in UPS-Oh online that provide food in times of shortages in the supply of electricity. AC-DC-this change of the AC voltage constant, are used in almost every electronic device, where the voltage after processing it only feeds the scheme, requiring usually low voltage DC.

The converters in our online store

Specially for You we have prepared a wide range in the section converters of large capacity, where we offer, for example, converters DC/AC car with display that allow you to connect to the installation of automotive devices requiring AC power supply 230 V. you can plug in the car, a laptop, a printer, a light or small appliance. Another instrument, enabling use in the car has a DC/DC Converter that changes 12 V to 24 V, allowing you to connect, for example, CB radio, heating equipment, or portable fridge. We invite you to shop in our store.