Filamenty HIPS-X

Filamenty HIPS-X - Filamenty soluble opened up completely new opportunities, entering 3D printing for sequential applications, which in years with a predominance of printing of PLA and ABS were completely out of range of this technology. Special material is HIPS-X – material, whose full name is High Impact Polystyrene X, and the scope of predisposes it for use in critical and demanding applications. Explore universal filamenty HIPS-X, select different colors and give your printer the ability to print very complex items.


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The properties of the fibers HIPS-X

Material HIPS-X is a modification of polystyrene, sold by introducing additives in the form of butadiene rubber. Filamenty HIPS-X are characterized, above all, high resistance to mechanical impacts and scratchesthat HIPS-X due to high surface hardness. 3D printing-with the help of this group of fibers to achieve a low mass of details and a matte (satin) surface. The recommended temperature range is from 230 to 240 °C, and the temperature of the heated table (required for printing using HIPS-X) must be in the range of 90 to 100 °C. Filamenty HIPS-X is ideal for printing items, which can be either from that, they are vulnerable to mechanical damage. No wonder – HIPS-X is even used in the manufacture of hats.

Using the reference fibre, HIPS-X

The most popular, however, was worth filamentom HIPS another characteristic is solubility in a solution of D-limonenu. The possibility of removal of the billet produced HIPS-X by immersing in a bath of solvent, ranks it among the few materials support reactions, allowing 3D printing of very complex parts whose geometry is very difficult or even completely eliminates the manual removal of supports through wyłamywanie whether fragmentaryzację. Filamenty HIPS-X work fine with printers that support two-headed 3D printing or jednogłowicowy with automatic replacement of the material (e.g., Prusa I3 MK3S with the extension MMU). In addition, with the help of HIPS-X as the supporting material, it is easy to obtain, of course, better surface, lower and oblique than would be possible with support wyłamywanych.

Filament HIPS-X - Different colors for different needs

If filamenty HIPS-X has served only as supporting material, the color of the selected material will be extremely small value in such cases is possible to use almost any color. However, HIPS-X offers a so nice and unique mechanical properties that can be successfully used as a target structural material. Therefore in our store you will find a wide range of yarns HIPS-X, supplied from leading manufacturers – companies Devil Design Spectrum. Importantly, different colors of HIPS-X is available in both coils with a wire diameter of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm , which ensures compatibility with virtually all major printers available in the market.