A very good method the settings in the hardware of electronic systems, ranging from small electronic circuits with various kinds of controllers, components of PC after a massive system multiprocessor systems are jumpers imposed on the electric contacts.


Conn Type
Conn - Standard

Jumpers and electric contacts - applications

Jumper is an element widely used in electronics, also known under the name, which came from English – jumper. Jumper is nothing like a miniature, metal plugs, the socket associated with it. From the point of view of electrical circuit are short circuit. The most common and standardized type jumper the jumper the two pin connector with a pitch (distance of pins) 2.54 mm in which a metal plug is covered on the outside with plastic, providing isolation jumpers from the surrounding electronic elements. Anyone who has ever kompletował desktop when you launch the select the desired configuration, for example, on the motherboard or on a connected hard drive, with the help of jumpers. Applying a jumper to the electrical contacts, i.e. the electrical circuit, activates some of its functionality as, for example, the definition of the CPU frequency or voltage. Often jumpers are used to reset the system configuration e-returning it to factory settings, where, for example, using instead the button may cause this process unintentionally and inadvertently by the user.

Jumper vs plug and play

Trends in consumer electronics and in particular in the field of computers and their accessories, are evolving toward solutions that accompany us for a long time, and we are talking about plug-and-play. Software features auto-configuration of devices, easy maintenance. On the other hand, however, many experts still apply jumpers and electric contacts for more than software stability configuration type hardware. In the program may occur adverse of your problem, while the jumper gives a clear choice in configuration, and besides, we don't need to reshuffle the keypad or display.

Types of jumpers

Despite the fact that the jumper is a very simple element, e, its universal application in electronic circuits has led to the emergence on the market of jumpers in different colors, which facilitates their identification and segregation of functions in the electronics system. There is also a jumper with an extended period simplifies their use, e.g., without the use of pincers or gloves.