Fliamenty PETG

Fliament PETG - 3D Printing dominated not only the workshops of robotics fans and DIY lovers, but also fully professional prototypownie and the research and development of enterprises of almost all branches of engineering. Each application requires careful selection of the relevant material as a separate filamenty are not only easy, print, and recommended settings of the machine, but also mechanical properties, as well as melanocytes of the finished prints. One of the most interesting solutions are filamenty PETG, where different colors and size of coil you will find in this category.


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Products by page

Products by page

Filament PET-G - What is it and what are his properties?

PET-G (or PETG) in materials science abbreviation of polyethylene terephthalate with the addition of glycol. PET-G features: polyester material of high elasticity and high mechanical strength, is also characterized by minimal shrinkage during the printing process. The temperature of the print head, manufacturers, are in the range from 230 °C to 255 °C, for fiber production Spectrum, and slightly lower (from 220 °C to 250 °C) for fibers company Devil Design. Recommended temperature of the table is thus only 70 - 80 °C. What is very important, 3D printing using filamenty PETG is not associated with the emission of toxic and unpleasant gases. PET-G is hydrophobic and has a high transparency (part of the fibers is completely colorless and transparent), and luster, and is characterized by good scratch resistance.

The use of fibers PET-G

Filamenty PETG based on PET material, for which the main application are packaging of food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical products. However, these applications do not exhaust the range of possibilities of the use of PET-G in 3D printing. He absolutely suitable for all those applications where important mechanical and chemical strength, so the success can also be used in housings of pens or elements exposed to constant immersion in water or contact with lubricants or gasoline. In the case of PETG filaments is the production of Devil Design, on the pages of individual products you will find scores in the catalog with a very detailed description of chemical and physical properties of the filaments. Filamenty transparent PETG is ideal for printing lighting elements, e.g. LEDs.

Filamenty PETG – on taste and color

In our assortment you will find everything you need filamenty PETG – there are various color Spectrum and Devil Design, ranging from transparent (colorless Glassy and Banner, as well as koloryzowane red, orange and yellow, light and dark blue or green butelkowo) and deep black (Black, Galaxy Black and Deep Black). Also available in shades of white (White, Arctic White) and bright, pleasing colors, well-known from other series fibers (for example, ABS or PLA), such as lime Green, Orange Lion if Bahama Yellow. We also have cheap sets from the Devil Design containing various colors of PETG filaments after 330 g each – a useful set of basic six colours will provide an excellent base for printing with various necessary details.