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PETG filaments are made of polyethylene terephthalate with the additive of glycol. Thanks to their impressive parameters, they are eagerly used by people specializing in 3D printing. Specially for our customers we have prepared the finest components from the best manufacturers like Devil Design and Spectrum.


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Products by page

Products by page

A younger and more durable brother of PET

The PETG material was obtained by adding modifying components, for example the ones lowering the melting point, and increasing the durability of the material to the well-known and popular PET. Thanks to it, it has become much more durable, harder, resistant to petrol, lubricants and oils. It is suitable for a wide range of applications and perfectly capable of working in the water environment.

It is also worth mentioning that the PETG material is odourless and characterized by high transparency, impact strength, flexibility and almost zero shrinkage. It will be perfect for printing objects designed to carry and grab other elements such as robot arms. Its scratch resistance minimises the risk of mechanical damage.

Apart from the above-mentioned examples, PETG is eagerly chosen for the production of such elements as:

  • bottles and jars for cosmetics,
  • pharmaceutical containers,
  • Christmas tree ornaments,
  • blister packs,
  • POP and POS advertising elements.

How and where to use PETG? Filaments for the most demanding customers

If you choose PTG, it is necessary to use heatbeds when printing. However, cooling should not be a problem and during the work the material itself often performs much better than others thanks to which it is possible to precisely reproduce the details of the project.

Remember that it is advisable to select a variety of materials when it comes to producing elements of complex projects. Thanks to it, the effects will be extremely satisfying and your designs will be professionally prepared. In our offer you can also find categories with ABS, PET or PLA filaments and many other interesting solutions. So which one to choose? The answer may turn out to be quite surprising but all of our products are finely-honed! Materials differ in durability, flexibility and printing temperature. Each element of an advanced design may require different qualities, therefore it is essential to use filaments adjusted to the needs of a particular component.