Battery Life

The market for advanced batteries developing a little slower than required pace of introduction of smaller and more efficient mobile devices, drones and delightful small thickness of ultrabooks. After the revolution caused by the spread of lithium-ion and lithium-polymer, market sources said, in some sense, the "wall". The light began to leave the inexorable limitations of power density and improved performance of current work by the increasing number of incidents: damage, burns and even fires caused by such batteries. The panacea for these problems, it seems that modern batteries life.


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Battery life- "what is eaten"?

Battery life, otherwise the lithium-iron-fosforanowe, is a type of lithium-ion batteries, in which the main chemical component is a phosphate lithium-iron, i.e. LiFePO4. It is an inorganic, water-insoluble compound, offering especially valuable for battery properties. Life because they are not only stable at high temperatures of operation, but also offer high energy density and long service life. A huge advantage, especially in the case of large packages, life, is the safety of their use is much higher than other lithium batteries. You should know that the rated voltage of elements life is not 3.7 V, but slightly less: 3.3 V.

The use of elements of life

Given the high energy density and high safety utilities, lithium iron fosforanowe especially attractive in industries that require large packages with very high current efficiency. One of the most striking examples of the application are projected to the hegemony of battery, life, cars (electric cars), although nothing stands in the way, with time to enter these sources of food for scooters and electric scooters. You can also expect applications in dronach, although at present more to say about the battery life in energy renewable sources like farms and quality.

Battery life the store Botland

As a leading supplier of components and modules for hobby robotics and modeling we care about that our store was available the latest advances in technology. The proposals we have, first, a small battery life. A good example is the package life Redox capacity of 1800 mAh, consisting of two series-connected units with full output voltage, is equal to 6.6 V. the charge Current is 1 C (1.8 A, i.e. numerically equal to the capacity expressed in ampere-hours). The mass of the package is 90 g, and the dimensions of 92 x 31 x 16 mm Battery cable balancera and plug the servo (JR).