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A variety of applications what is 3D printing and projects of professional and non-professional, made a huge variety of used thread. In many performance-demanding applications, the required parameters using the normal materials cannot perform. Then come to the aid of specialized filamenty, including materials about the flexibility, or Vice versa – is very strong filamenty reinforced with fiberglass. If you need custom materials for special applications, on this page you will find all filamenty others, not included in other categories.


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Products by page

Products by page

Filamenty maximum flexibility

Particularly interesting material is the S-FLEX is offered Poland the company Spectrum. Filamenty S-FLEX is designed to print elements of a great flexibility. High chemical resistance and excellent adhesion between the layers of printing, making it ideal for the manufacture of custom, special gaskets. S-FLEX has a resistance to hydrocarbons and various fluids. Due to the high elasticity of this material, it is possible to 3D print the mechanical elements, for example, absorberów mechanical energy or odbojników. In our offer you will find different color of threads S-FLEX blue (Pacific Blue), white (Polar White), red (Blood Red) and black (Deep Black).

Thread high strength

At the other end of the scale of application is different filament company, Spectrum, which because of its uniqueness is also proved in the category of "filamenty else." This Spectrum CARBON Filament – yarn-based PLA, domieszkowanego carbon fiber. The fiber content in the mass of material is up to 20%, which determines the huge hardness obtained with the help of prints, as well as their tensile strength. CARBON filament has all the advantages of the classical PLA – including the ability to print without heating the table, the ease of separating the print from the desktop, and low melting point. Shows no shrinkage after cooling and provides excellent adhesion between the individual layers. With filamentem CARBON Spectrum of possible 3D printing rugged design elements, such as brackets, holders or connecting. The surface obtained with this filamentu, in contrast to the classical PLA, Matt.

Filamenty other intended for 3D pens

In this category you will find sets of episodes filamentu for the 3Doodler pen. In our range you will find sets of 24 pieces of segments with a length of 15 cm each. Filamenty is made of non-toxic materials, food products, free from BPA and biodegradable in less than 2 months. To support Your creativity, we have introduced in our offer different colors of threads – by hand available colors: orange, red, green, blue, grey and black. Here you will find a set of trade threads DevilDesign, consisting of six reels of 330 grams each: ABS+ PLA, PETG, HIPS, TPU and ASA. This is a good starting base for the beginning of an interesting adventure that will surely be 3D printing.