Filamenty ABS

ABS Filament , next to PLA, one of the two most commonly used in 3D printing and plastic molding. The popularity of this material, which is a three-letter acronym in the nomenclature materiałoznawczej develops as Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, this is due to its ideal parameters, mechanical damage and high temperature resistance. It is not surprising that filamenty ABS good was dominated by 3D printing, and offer each a renowned manufacturer of materials for this area should include various colors of wires ABS forming, at least a basic range of colors. ABS Filament is a proven in many projects in 3D printing choice.


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Why ABS filament?

Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS polymer) material that many years ago , of course, dominated by the markets universal and specialized enclosures for electronics, toys or household items. High mechanical strength with optimal flexibility and stability of the hammer, as well as a fairly high melting point, put ABS on the front edge of the plastic modern world. Also, 3D printing, he quickly dominate this material, despite the necessity of using high temperatures of head (a few tens of degrees higher than for the average filamentu PLA) and heated work table. Almost every 3D printer today technologically ready to work with parameters that impose filamenty ABS.

Filamenty ABS – remember?

When choosing the material for 3D printing should have in mind some limitations of each technology, materials. Filamenty ABS, in addition to the obvious requirements for the printer (the working temperature, heated table), also require maintaining a fairly stable temperature environment in which the printer. Changes of temperature caused by air conditioning or as a result of the draft) can quite significantly affect the quality and durability of the print that ABS is relatively sensitive. In addition, you should be aware of the toxicity of gases generated during melting of the material in the head – hence the necessity of removing fumes through efficiently working ventilation and make sure that while printing near the device did not stay too long people or animals. However, if you remember the limitations of 3D printing with ABS will protect You excellent quality and durability. ABS Filament - 3D Printing with this material is a guarantee of print quality in compliance with the relevant rules of operation.

ABS - Different colors, different needs

Filamenty ABS, considering described above the popularity and versatility in 3D printing, they are available in a wide range of colors and shades. In our offer you will find different color range from pure white to deep black. One of the threads - Devil Design ABS-T 1,75 mm 1kg Banner is completely transparent, which gives amazing opportunities to create elements of the backlight, for example, using RGB LEDs. Of course, it is easy to find interesting applications for such a material. In constant sale we have also wide range of threads in shades of yellow (Bahama Yellow), bright orange (Orange Lion Orange, Bright Orange), or red (Red, Red Dragon), as well as different variations of blue (Pacific Blue, Blue, Super Blue) or green (Forest Green) and grey (Dark Grey, Silver Star, Gray). ABS Filament all things.