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A filament is a piece of wire that you can attach to the 3D printer. It usually has a thickness of 1.75mm or 3mm. ABS and PLA filaments are both made from thermoplastic that can be changed into an object due to the heating process and can regain their shape when cooled. Thus, the filament provides the basis for the 3D model. Think of it as a kind of ink for your printer. ABS is tested several times before it can be sold to consumers; thus it’s quality ensures that you can print very impressive 3D objects. ABS is a very solid filament type and is usually available in many colors. The printing temperature of this material is between 220 ° C and 260 ° C. The ideal temperature depends on the printing speed, and the desired appearance of the object. A heated bed is required if you want to use ABS. offers a large variety of high-quality ABS filaments at reasonable prices. Browse this category to find the best product for your needs.


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Products by page

Advantages of ABS Filament

With versatile ABS filament, it’s possible to print objects in any desired shape. The interesting fact is that if a printing temperature is higher, an object becomes shinier. To achieve the desired result, we recommend finding the ideal printing temperature before creating the final object.

ABS stands for Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene and is based on oil. It’s a thermoplastic material stronger and harder than PLA plastic. Because of these properties, ABS is often used by companies. Since ABS is a petroleum-based plastic, it’s not safe to use it for food contact products. ABS is also widely used as a raw material for 3D printers. It’s best suited for durable parts that need to withstand high temperatures. Compared to PLA, this material is less fragile and more compliant. Combined with acetone, ABS shines, giving an elegant touch to a final product. Those who print with ABS must heat the printing surface. During cooling, the object must be prevented from losing its shape. What is more, ABS is inexpensive, durable, flexible, heat resistant, and lightweight. It is also very strong and can absorb shock impact. ABS is often used for printing parts where a mechanical force or stress is exerted. The material deforms little and can handle a much greater force than PLA. This makes it very suitable for making mechanical prototypes, movable parts, or electronics enclosures.

Printing with ABS

ABS is a plastic widely used for injection molding. One of the most famous ABS products are Lego blocks. ABS is characterized by its strength and impact resistance. It’s the second most used filament after PLA. Unlike PLA, ABS is quite difficult to print. The material experiences a fair amount of shrinkage during and after the printing process. ABS should be used in a closed, heated print room. During ABS printing, a less pleasant odor is present, so the process should be done in a ventilated area. At, you will find diverse models of ABS filaments. If you are looking for a high-quality 3D printing material, please check the large selection of products available at our store.

Post-processing possibilities

Many finishing operations are possible after printing a 3D object with ABS filament (sanding, drilling, painting, spray fillers, etc.). specializes in selling 3D printers and accessories. Both professionals and hobbyists can visit our store to purchase 3D printers or filaments. In addition, we offer various machines for industrial and home use. Are you looking for a specific filament, or would you like to learn more about 3D printing? Then we can provide you with professional advice and help you make the right purchase. Choosing the right material for your 3D printer can be difficult. After all, you need to know which filaments match your device. Also, it’s very important that you know exactly which filaments you need for the 3D print you want to realize. Fortunately, you can contact us to get expert guidance. Due to our experience in the 3D industry, we can provide you with the appropriate information so you can realize your own 3D prints in no time.