Filaments ABS

ABS is a globally used plastic material. It is eagerly chosen by manufacturers due to its durability, ductility and attractive price. Are ABS filaments a good component when it comes to 3D printing? Check out our offer and see for yourself that this product meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers.


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Applications and parameters of ABS filaments

It has to be admitted that three-dimensional printing is getting more and more developed every year. For many years now it has been possible to have a private 3D printer at home, at your own disposal. Highly demanding specialists have access to components that enable creating such a device and tailoring it to individual expectations. ABS filaments are undoubtedly the most popular products eagerly used by both professionals and beginners.

Getting to know the basics will allow you to constantly improve your skills and knowledge. At we offer different color variants of ABS filaments and thanks to that everyone can not only easily choose their favorite shade suitable for simple projects but also print particular components for more complex designs. The most important features of ABS material include: durability, reliability, flexibility, temperature resistance and solubility in acetone. It is ideal for producing movable elements.

How to choose the right ABS filaments? will help you with shopping

Everything depends on the color you need. We offer components manufactured by the finest brands therefore it doesn’t really matter which brand you choose because you will always get top quality products. In our offer you can come across such producers as: Velleman, Spectrum or Devil Design. All filaments are of a standard 1.75mm diameter. However, we also offer spools that weigh 500, 750, 800 and 1000g. What colors and shades are available for customers willing to purchase ABS filaments? Transparent, white, black, red, light orange, natural, blue, orange, grey, green and yellow. In case you have any questions, please contact us - we will be happy to help you choose suitable components that will ensure your satisfaction.