Khadas VIM

The latest series of computers jednopłytkowych Khadas VIM3 is an interesting alternative to the Raspberry Pi on numerous strengths. Powerful processor Amlogic S922X technology SoC, RAM, DDR4 memory eMMC 16GB, are not its only advantages. The store Botland, you will also find a variety of useful accessories, modules, and accessories, such as housings, radiators and cooling fans are designed for minikomputera Khadas. If you are particularly demanding in terms of quality of sound, select a patch Tone Board VIMs Edition. This is a specially designed sound card that will allow streaming of music to the smallest nuances.


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Khadas VIM – a great alternative to the Raspberry Pi is available from us!

Minikomputer Khadas VIM available in our range in three generations, in versions Basic and Pro and model VIM2, also in the variant Max. The last game of VIM3 available in versions Basic and Pro. Both versions are equipped with DDR4 RAM in the Basic version 2 GB and in version Pro 4 GB and is also equipped with eMMC 5.1 volume respectively 16 GB and 32 GB. Heart minikomputera VIM3 is based on the architecture big.LITTLE CPU Amlogic S922X technology SoC, which consists of 4 reinforced unit Cortex-A73 and 2-drill – Cortex-A53. Responsible for the graphics processor Mali G-52. MP4 GPU, which supports software the OpenGL ES API 3.2, Volcano 1.0 and Renderscript. Copes with many modern computer games. Khadas VIM3 has the same structure as its predecessors, and is compatible with processors for their accessories such as the fan and the radiator, which effectively promote the heat dissipation, ensuring good performance of individual components minikomputera. The necessary extensions for minikomputera Khadas VIM is also available from us!

Very good hardware performance and huge software opportunities

Due to the high computing power CPU Amlogic S922X without problems supports standards HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. The VIM3 model is able to reproduce the image at 1080p, 2K and 4K at 60 frames per second. Connector for SOLID state drive provides about four times higher data throughput than SATA, but it is 2100 MB/s. Model VIM3, as the Raspberry Pi is equipped with a GPIO connector. Devices embedded systems are increasingly fitted as standard in addition to USB 3.0, there is also a HDMI connector. Not otherwise in minikomputerach Khadas VIM. Built-in USB-C port allows you to charge devices such as a microphone, a speaker, and an LCD display.