Filamenty PLA

Filamenty PLA - 3D Modelling is currently the main method of designing three-dimensional objects. Includes the process of creating utilitarian objects, machines and spare parts. So far, the prototype of any object based on its 3D model was connected with the necessity of using machining centers, and thus high production costs. The solution to these problems is 3D printing, which is now used not only for prototyping. PLA Filament is one of the most popular plastics used in 3D printer.


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Products by page

Filament PLA Plastic for 3D printing

3D printing is the process of creating physical objects based on 3D computer models. Depending on the material used, the application area of the produced object, there are many methods of 3D printing, including: FDM thermoplastic material is extruded through nozzles, MJP – napylany thin layers fotopolimer light tempered UV, CJP – gypsum powder, colored ink (3D printing in color), SLS, a thin layer of powder is melted by the laser budulcowego, DMLS powders of metals is melted by high power laser (3D printing of metal). Thanks to the many available techniques of 3D printing, as well as the diversity of available materials, we have the opportunity of rapid prototyping objects, while maintaining a low manufacturing cost, and the production of finished products held for sale. PLA filament suitable for 3D printing in the majority of commercially available printers.

Rapid prototype printed in 3D technology

If you have a need to manufacture a test sample, and the harvesting of the usefulness of its design and subject You to reduce the cost of production of the object, an method is 3D printing FDM. It is a method where the material is applied through nozzle ogrzaną to its melting temperature. The nozzle controls the flow of material and position the printer determines on the basis of the created computer program CAM. A physical object is produced layer by layer. This method is characterized by accuracy level of +/- 0.13 mm. One of the materials used in this method filament PLA. PLA Filament – Polilaktydreinforced plastic, resistant to atmospheric conditions and UV radiation and excellent high mechanical strength. Is a biodegradable thermoplastic polyester that with the ability to connect with a few additives gives a be optimized for special applications. Our store offers a wide range of PLA filaments, of different colours, with a diameter of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm are sold in the form of coils. The weight of one coil filamentu ranges from 500 to 2000, which corresponds to a fiber length of from 90 to 330 meters. Print temperature in case filamentu PLA contains in the range of from 180 to 260 degrees.