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PLA filaments are products designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. PLA is a polylactide, meaning a polymer in the aliphatic polyester group. Thanks to being biodegradable and obtained from natural ingredients it is willingly used by ecology supporters. Want to find out more about this material? Check out our offer!


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Products by page

PLA filaments - the history that is being improved till now

The history of polylactide is long and impressive. It was first obtained in 1932, however, it was patented only after 22 years in 1954. The material was produced by heating lactic acid and today it can be obtained from renewable sources such as corn meal. Therefore, it is ecological and safe for the environment (it decomposes within several days).

PLA filaments available on our offer are top quality products. We provide the assortment manufactured only by renowned and recognizable brands that we choose for our own projects.

Applications, manufacturing and price

PLA is eagerly chosen in the production of biomedical components and assortment such as dental implants or absorbable sutures. You can also come across disposable tableware and bottles made of polylactide. The fact that they decompose within 75-80 days, which is impressive when compared to standard and cheap plastics, is their main advantage. In the case of mass production, there is a problem of high costs of the raw material, therefore PLA filaments are much more frequently purchased by private 3D print specialists.

Do your advanced projects need diversity? We also offer such components as durable PETG and ABS filaments. We provide high quality accessories for 3D printers that not only support their work but also enable the use of specific materials. We have gained trust of many users both those well-versed in 3D printing and those beginning their adventure - you also can rely on us, satisfaction guaranteed.