3D printing pens

Small, user-friendly 3D printer in the shape of a pen.


Filament - material
Filament - diameter:
3D - print surface
3D - type of printout
3D - printing speed
3D - printing thickness
3D - material amount
3D - accuracy of printing
3D - nozzle temp
3D - table temp.
3D - filament diameter

Creative education for kids – print pen 3D to explore

Children can enjoy their freedom because there are no limits to their ideas and beliefs – except, perhaps manual labor. Often this creative approach and lateral thinking are suppressed by educational institutions, therefore, should provide children with tools that will stimulate their imagination. One of these elements are feather 3D, by which their drawings will not limit yourself just to paper.

Adults also can enrich your skills that will lead quickly to new opportunities. We encourage everyone to try their hand at drawing 3D. This is something completely new that requires creative thinking, implementation of visualization and precise planning. In our shop everyone will find the necessary cartridges and filamenty, which may be useful in Your complex projects.

A pen or a 3D printer? What to choose at the beginning of the adventure

It's two completely different tools that are used for other projects and actions. 3D printing is characterized by advanced technology, thanks to which the printed items are extremely accurate. The design requires significant knowledge, practical skills and experience. 3D print pen much easier to use and with their help it is also possible to prepare impressive projects and sculpture painting.

We recommend that you use the proposal of a set of basic or optional, that are available in this category. Make a gift for yourself or your family and zaangażujcie a pleasure their creativity and manual skills – of course, wielogodzinna pleasure will bring wonderful results.