3D print pen

If your hobby is to create models, paint, or draw, you might consider switching from a regular pen to an innovative 3D print pen. Such a device will take your ideas to the next level. Also, 3D pens are perfect gadgets for designers and architects, because they provide an opportunity to create real 3D objects rather than explaining ideas on paper. So, whether you are an expert designer or just someone who wants to dabble in the world of 3D, check the extensive offer of 3D pens and accessories available at 3Doodle was launched as the world's first 3D printing pen. This gadget has made 3D printing accessible to everyone, and to use it, no special technical expertise is required. Instead of ink, the 3Doodler draws with molten plastic, which cools quickly and forms a solid and stable 3D structure. As you lift the pen into the air, the plastic comes along, and you can shape your sketches into three dimensions instead of two.


Filament - material
Filament - diameter
3D - print surface
3D - type of printout
3D - printing speed
3D - printing thickness
3D - material amount
3D - accuracy of printing
3D - nozzle temp
3D - table temp.
3D - filament diameter

Wake up your creativity with 3D printing pen

Whether you are looking for a 3D printing option for amateur or professional, a printing pen is a great and cheap option suitable for everyone. At our store, you will find a large selection of 3Doodler printing pen and accessories that seem like a perfect gift for both adults and kids. The box contains not only a 3D printing pen but also a starter pack of color filaments. One of the most popular 3D pens on the market is 3Doodler. Why? Because it's durable, small, and offers a high-quality of print. Also, if you're not a fan of large 3D printers, you'll probably love the narrow design and manageable design of this device. What is more, this pen is extremely easy to use, and you can take advantage of it in many ways. There are numerous ready templates that you can use to create artwork, architectural models, or portable parts. The great feature of this gadget is the fact that it can handle all sorts of plastic. 3Doodler company offers a large selection of filaments with 65 different color options in several configurations, including glossy, matte, glow, clear, sparkling, and flexible. Our store sells both 3Doodler print pens and dedicated filaments. Check the large selection of products available at at reasonable prices.

Different types of plastic

3Doodler can use two types of plastic (filament): ABS and PLA.

ABS is an oil-based material and is the same type of plastic that Lego blocks are made of. It's stronger than PLA, it stiffens faster and is, therefore, easier to draw in the air with.

On the other hand, PLA is made from corn and beet starch, so it is eco-friendly and biodegradable. PLA solidifies slowly and is, therefore, flexible for a longer period.

3Doodler does not need a computer or expensive software to work. You can take wherever you want, for meetings, conferences, or teaching sessions. The 3Doodler only needs one outlet, and within minutes you can showcase your ideas in three dimensions.

The 3Doodler can either be used to draw in the air or as a sketch tool that brings templates or 2D drawings to life with an extra dimension - only your imagination sets the boundaries! Ideas can be modeled quickly, and you can easily and quickly display 3D architectural structures. 3Doodler is not a toy, and we recommend adult supervision when children under 14 use this device. But with the adults, the 3Doodler can be used to bring life to children's drawings. If you're looking for an exceptional gift, this gadget will suit your expectations. Do you want to buy it at a fair price? Then browse our catalog and choose the best option for your needs. Also, don't hesitate to contact us in case of any questions. Our professional customer service is always there to help you. was created to meet the needs of professional and amateur designers seeking tools that can help them develop their skills. All our products are high-quality and come from well-known and respected brands.