3D printers

A device to print models in three dimensions. 3D printers in the store Botland. Toys, figurines, tools, and even clothes and dentures – once could be made only in large and powerful machines, while today we have enough 3D printer , and all is in your hands! Create your own production line, using the minimum amount of time and money! See for yourself that limits you to only your imagination!


Filament - material
Filament - diameter:
3D - print surface
3D - type of printout
3D - printing speed
3D - printing thickness
3D - material amount
3D - accuracy of printing
3D - nozzle temp
3D - table temp.
3D - filament diameter

Products by page

Products by page

In assortment of our shop is as professional, versatile and powerful shoulders of the robot, accurate printer hybrid model, designed to people of middle and basic kits for self Assembly. Because of this, each user will be able to choose the right model for their needs and abilities, without overpaying!


A 3D printer is something more than the present

Using tools such as the three-dimensional printer, a few years ago, users were able to design and fabricate only a few complex objects of small dimensions – to-date technical equipment allows us today, however, much more! And exoskeletons and prosthetic limbs, which were created using 3D printing, this is a great example!


You too can develop innovative solutions and create something, so the problem of needy people around the world disappear without a trace! In our offer you will find 3D printers brands such as: locust, Creality, Anet, Dobot whether Velleman.


Professional robotics shoulder able to offer more than just three-dimensional printing products. It is able to demonstrate to clients, in particular, features such as:

  • laser engraver
  • soldering
  • drawing,
  • laser cut,
  • precise movement and installation of items
  • recognition of objects because of the color.


With one tool, users can develop and execute millions of operations with surgical precision. The maintenance of such advanced devices may be implemented using a simple application available on a computer or smartphone!

All of this can already be in your hands!