3D printer

3D printers are devices that allow for the production of elements and parts of the structural systems and devices from scratch, using as information source the digital files, typically in STL format. These devices “print” three-dimensional objects, usually plastic,using a number of different methods. 3D printing is a technology comparable prices with injection and other methods of production, for the production of small batches of parts, offering high quality and resolution elements manufactured from a material group. A 3D printer can check in projects for the Amateur, and industrial. 3D printing is the future of the production of many plastic parts.


  • 3D printer Anet 3D printer Anet

    We live in a time that technological capabilities and the development progress so fast that many things that were once not even thought possible now. A great example of this is printing in 3D. Until recently, few people had houses of ordinary black-and-white printers. Now it...

  • Creality 3D printer Creality 3D printer

    If you are looking for a proven and low-cost 3D printer is the equipment of the company Creality be for You at the time. We offer proven models like CR-10, with a good reputation among users as a professional model DP-002 at a cost of several tens of thousands of rubles,...

  • 3D printer Flashforge 3D printer Flashforge

    Since the beginning of the XXI century printing technology volumetric gaining popularity and is constantly evolving. Contrary to the expectations of users working with 3D printing for personal purposes and a commercial comes Flashforge Chinese company, known for its high...

  • 3D printer Prusa 3D printer Prusa

    All those interested in spatial font heard the name Prusa. Czech Amateur and master, the founder of locust Research, the person-a legend since 2009, when he found his passion for 3D printing is constantly evolving. We invite you to familiarize with our offer on the device and...

  • 3D printer Dobot 3D printer Dobot

    The spatial print some time ago was just an invention of the filmmakers that creates movie s-f. In 1984, Chuck hull developed the first method of 3D printing called Stereolitografią (SLA). Later the time has come for the following print methods (FDM or SLS. While in 2006,...

  • 3D printer Snapmaker 3D printer Snapmaker

    Every fan of technical innovations and gadgets knows 3D printer Snapmaker. Our shop is the official distributor of these devices, so buying from us, you get the guarantee of original equipment and high quality accessories. These printers broke the absolute record during its...

  • 3D printer Velleman 3D printer Velleman

    The market for 3D printers in a short time has grown to epic proportions. We have a variety of devices, more or less famous brands. In these latter include, Velleman. The Belgian company, working for more than a bagatelle of 40 years on the market. Founded in 1975, still works...

  • 3D printer Yidimu 3D printer Yidimu

    Today, the famous 3D printing technology is developing the 80-ies. The XX century. An innovative method of production of objects of almost any shape and is successfully used in the production of dental prostheses, parts of motor vehicles, as well as food and clothing. The...

  • 3D printer Zortrax 3D printer Zortrax

    Are you looking for equipment for professionals? You need to print a precise project, which takes into account the smallest details? Maybe you want to try 3D printing of high quality? You navigate in purchases of Polish interests? All this 3D printer Zortrax. You will find...

  • 3D printer Goofoo 3D printer Goofoo

    Goofoo is a brand native to China. The main line of activity of the company is to produce high quality 3D printers at affordable prices. In assortment of company you can find solutions for business and home use. Through careful design, use of innovative technological...

  • 3D printer Urbicum 3D printer Urbicum

    Urbicum is a Polish manufacturer of advanced 3D printers. Its high-quality products find application mainly in industries. Offer stability and great precision and speed.


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3D - print surface
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3D - table temp.
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Products by page

Products by page

Modern devices for manufacturing three-dimensional objects

3D printing is a technology of additive production operation of mechanical parts. Until recently was used only for the manufacture of prototype elements to test reset and aesthetic evaluation. But today, thanks to advances in technology, materials science and engineering, 3D printing system allows to produce the elements for a real application. All this resulted in increasing efficiency of 3D printers, as well as improving the quality of produced parts - mainly their structural strength and mechanical stability. Due to the improved performance of 3D printers, is economically feasible at present, the use of this technology for manufacture in short series, where, for example, replaces plastic molding. 3D printer - the price of the product gradually reduced and today even allows for the purchase of a 3D printer in work, Hobbies.

The history of 3D printing - the Beginning 3D printer

Additive production methods at the turn of the 70-ies and 80-ies of XX century. In 1974, David E. H. Jones proposed the idea of printing three-dimensional elements. In 1981 appeared the first two methods of 3D printingusing fotoutwardzanie special polymers. Three years later, method was developed stereolitograficzną, which uses two lasers of ultraviolet radiation for polymerization of the resin. There was the STL file format, classically associated with 3D printing systems to the current times. In 1988, S. Scott crump patented the technology of making objects from molten material supplied through special extruder (FDM). This technology is still in most 3D-printers - in particular, models for hobby and consumer. In 1992 appeared on the market, the first printer of this type. In 2009, the company Stratasys was a monopolist in this market, but after the expiry of the patent on FDM on the market there are many competitors.

Printer FFM/FDM - device and principle of operation

FDM (also known as MISSION) is a solution that uses a continuous filament of thermoplastic material - so-called threads. He served with the large coil using a mobile, heated, head. The print head moves under computer control to determine the printed form. Usually, it moves in two dimensions to implement one layer; then the head is slightly shifted vertically in order to start applying a new coat. The speed of movement of the material in the extruder head can be controlled, allowing even to stop the production process and run it in another area of the device, allowing you to produce complex geometry. FDM printer currently offer a fairly high resolution, with high repeatability and low cost of operation and purchase of the device.

Printing 3D Printer fotopolimeryzacyjne

In systems using liquid materials fotoutwardzalne, object, built up of layers of naświetlonego ultraviolet radiation material. The product is made in a special pan in which the base is motorized in the z-axis light Source laser ultraviolet (or two, in the case of stereolithography), infrared laser (in the case of the use of the process wielofotonowego), led scanners, etc. - emphasizes the top layer of liquid, causing fotopolimeryzację the contained material. Then the item is printed is omitted, and the process of optical curing of the polymer is repeated for the next layer. Optical systems provide high resolution, but the cost of such kind of device and consumables for it are quite high.