Measuring the energy consumption

Measuring the energy consumption In the era of ubiquitous devices powered by electricity, it is very important for user's consciousness on consumption of electricity. Increasingly we are committed to reducing energy consumption, and its quantity is limited. This fact concerns not only industry, but of every individual household. Invest today in the counter consumption, the currentthat will contribute to the optimization of energy costs in Your home or company. Meter current consumption is an increasingly popular solution.



The electricity meter current

Measurement of consumption of electrical energy you are able to perform using a special device or electric device. In both cases, it will be expensive and it will be difficult for You to implement a continuous measurement, and it will require You some knowledge of methods of measurement of electrical quantities. Fortunately, in the range Botland you will find mobile counter flow of electricity current, which in its simplest form acts as a standard AC outlet 230 VAC to which I attach to the article a device in which power consumption you want to measure. The meter plugs into the wall socket 230 VAC in Your home, a few clicks to configure measurement parameters such as measurement period, price per unit of energy and ready! Thanks to the display you see on a regular basis the whole range of measurements such as current, voltage, frequency and power. Based on these parameters, you will specify how you get money from your electrical network. Measuring of energy consumption will allow You to plan additional savings.

Measuring energy consumption - building automation

Increasingly, our households are equipped with various home automation systems , so-called smart home. In such systems it is necessary to apply not only the modules automatically opuszczanych blinds, turn on the machine or control the temperature of the room, but also implement a device for measuring energy consumption, since the monitor iNode Energy Meter. It is an indicator of the current consumption in a more modern form. He counts pulses main meter measuring consumption of electricity, current, and transmits them via bluetooth to any system of the parent. The free app, available on the manufacturer's website will allow You to easily configure the iNode, as well as view your measurement history stored in the built-in internal memory and create presentations in the form of graphs.