Measuring the energy consumption

Electricity consumption meter is a device that is used not only in industry. We are now seeing an increase in interest in energy meters, which is likely due to everyone's desire to save more - both for financial reasons and for environmental reasons.



In the era of ubiquitous devices powered by electricity, the awareness of the costs of electricity consumption has become very important for the user. We are increasingly striving to reduce energy consumption, the amount of which is limited. This fact applies not only to the industrial area, but also to every single household.

Invest today in an electricity consumption sensor that will contribute to the optimization of electricity costs in your home or business. The current consumption meter is an increasingly popular solution.

Electricity consumption meters

Measuring electricity consumption is an activity that will give us a number of important answers. Thanks to this type of devices, we will know exactly how much electricity is consumed by some equipment, but that's not all. Advanced meters will tell you what is the annual cost of powering a given equipment with selected parameters. You are able to carry out a professional measurement of electricity consumption and costs in a very simple way. The only thing you need is an electricity consumption meter.

Continuous measurement is an expensive solution, which will additionally require some knowledge of measuring techniques for electrical quantities. Fortunately, in Botland's offer you will find simpler, mobile electricity consumption meters that are equally effective. In the simplest version, such a meter is a standard 230 VAC electric socket, to which you connect the devices whose energy consumption you want to measure. You connect the meter itself to the 230 VAC socket in your home, a few more clicks to set the measurement parameters, such as the measurement period, the rate per unit of energy used and it's ready!

It is worth paying attention to the fact that thanks to the built-in LCD display, you can see the whole range of measurements on a regular basis, such as current consumption, voltage, frequency and power. Based on these parameters, you will determine how much you load your electricity network. The energy consumption meter will allow you to plan additional savings.

Energy consumption gauges – building automation

Increasingly, our households are equipped with various types of home automation systems. Projects within the concept of Internet of things are gaining popularity. In such automatic systems, it is worth using not only the modules of automatically lowered roller blinds, turning on the coffee machine or room temperature supervision. Equally, or even more important, is whether we will be able to control the power consumption. It is impossible to effectively save electricity consumption without being aware of how much it is used so far. Once again, effective home energy gauges come with a solution.

Sometimes it is also worth equipping yourself with a device for measuring electricity consumption, such as the iNode Energy MeterMonitor. It is a power consumption meter in a more modern form. The device is the measuring pulses of the main electricity consumption meter and sends them via bluetooth to any supervisory system. Free applications available on the manufacturer's website will allow you to easily configure the iNode, as well as view the measurement history stored in the built-in internal memory of the device and create a presentation in the form of graphs.

Energy consumption meters in electronic projects 

As you can easily guess, in Botland we love programmableelectronics, automation, robotics and everything related to them. We also know very well that the basis of a successful electronic DIY project is knowledge of individual processes, phenomena and technical parameters.

Using an electricity consumption meter will significantly improve the comfort of developing new projects and their future effectiveness. The degree of power consumption is a very important parameter that must be taken into account when developing subsequent robotic or automatic projects. Many of the meters presented in this category can be simply connected to the socket. Then the device should be connected to such a meter. The whole thing is very simple and it can also bring big financial savings.

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